Discovery Alert: Spotlight Valentino in Vegas

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Are you a Valentino fan?  Valentino is one of those classic designers and can often be overlooked simply because everyone knows the name.  I had the opportunity to learn more about this amazing designer from the film about him titled ‘Valentino: The Last Emperor’.  See trailer below:



What struck me about Valentino and stuck out to me in this film was a rather beautiful insight into his approach to design.  In the early part of the movie you have the chance to see how he designs by draping directly on the human figure rather than a dress form.  I found this fascinating to include the scenes of the designers/dressmakers who were assembling portions of a design in development.

This movie opened me up to Valentino in new ways that were more personable as opposed to only hearing the name and seeing the final designs.  I highly recommend watching.

Thinking about Valentino for this blog post I wanted to add my own personal experience with the brand.  I thought it’d be great to take a ‘store-window moment’ and throw in many yummy images of the wonderful shop windows of the RedValentino shop in Las Vegas.  While there recently I had the opportunity to visit this newly opened boutique at the Forum Shops and was simply blown away by their store windows.  They were absolutely sublime and took me to a new level of heaven.  I will simply include the pictures here along with a mention that if you’re ever in Vegas to stop by and take a look-see.  The windows are amazing and the clothing inside is just as wonderful.  The entire shop has a stellar wow-factor that is worth the visit.  Click on the image for larger detail.

As a final touch I thought I’d include videos of the model interview from the Fall/Winter 2013/4 Ad Campaign.   It’s followed by a video of the actual ad campaign.  The visual imagery is stunning and the model interview is interesting.



…RedValentino Fall/Winter 2013/4 Ad Campaign…



This post was really interesting to write and I loved bringing these little tidbits on Valentino and the Valentino brand together to hopefully get folks inspired to take a look at Valentino.  From movie to the RedValentino boutique, what comes across is an attention to detail that translates into the design.  You can see it in the garments and you can see it in the season campaigns all the way down to the detailing of the store windows.  If you take a look at what’s assembled here it can become a starting point to going on your own journey of discovery into the world of Valentino.  This post in no way captures everything, but it does capture little details that many might not be aware of and that’s what was cool for me when I started my look at Valentino.


…until next time.  Travel Spritely.

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