Gotta Love a Good Window!

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Gotta Love It:  Store windows!  Store windows!



Chanel store window in Las Vegas 2012.

What’s more beautiful than a beautiful store window?  I thought I’d write about one of my favorite past times.  Photographing amazing store windows.  The lighting…the clothing…the designing…the stories.


The Las Vegas Chanel Store Window 2012
The Las Vegas Chanel Store Window 2012

These two images are of the Chanel store windows in Las Vegas during 2012.  What made me stop was the obvious gorgeousness of the space.  I loved the use of the high-octane colored wigs.  They are over the top and were very retro and current at the same time.  The styling choice to use sneakers with a classic two-piece Chanel suit I thought was amazing.  Could you actually wear it to the office?  If you worked at a fashion magazine most definitely, but it’s likely to be at its best outside the office strutting down the street to a play, a party, or even a to a movie on date night.  I’d totally rock it…


I began photographing store windows a few years ago because the creativity I saw was just too beautiful to walk past.  While they’re meant primarily to showcase the clothing that’s available for the current season that’s sold inside, they are also crazy inspirational.  These Chanel windows I think were superb and I would give them high marks.  Thumbs way up!


Here’s a pic of another store window found in Las Vegas in 2012:


Nanette Lepore.  The window:  Cool.  Hip.  Trendy.  Kooky.

I loved it.  It was more an opportunity to see how you felt about what you saw.  It drew me in and it was a store a bit slightly off to the side.  What were they saying about their latest arrivals?

Nanette Lepore 2012 Las Vegas Store Window


Who cares.  It’s hot.


This was pure innovation meant to bring you towards the glass.  It tells you that the woman who might wear this is likely to be unconventional, sophisticated and a trend-setter.  Too chic to not capture in digital!


Nanette Lepore Window 2012 Las Vegas
Nanette Lepore Window 2012 Las Vegas






These cocktail dresses were too cute and embellished making them knock-outs for any after-five engagement.





A more recent ‘window’ of H&M was almost too cool:  Flying Mannequins….how stellar!


H&M Store display in Las Vegas 2014
H&M store display in Las Vegas 2014

Most everyone knows H&M is very trendy and stylish.  Jumping and dipping they totally energized the space.  This store used its space to make fashion displays very dynamic.  They didn’t make me notice the clothing at all though, but this isn’t what I thought this installation was about.  It was about ‘come inside and get energized’!

I thought it was so awesome that I couldn’t stop staring at it for several moments.  This image only captured one side of the store and you can see how the other part of the store contained even more action in the additional image below.  Check out the girl on the swing high above the store floor and the lookers-on behind the glass standing along the mezzanine.  Too cool!


H&M Store Display in Las Vegas 2014
H&M Store Display in Las Vegas 2014

Cool windows are the best way to find inspiration for developing your own closet or building an outfit.  Finding them is always rewarding.  I have many other images of store windows and so blog posts on this topic will likely be a recurring theme.  If you feel so inspired drop me an email with a pic of your favorite store window along with what you liked or didn’t about it and I can add it to a future blog post.


…until next time.  Travel Spritely.


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