Hello World!

This is the moment I’ve been waiting for…the creation of a blog….a website…an online presence where I could totally showcase my work that was my own.  And it’s arrived!


Hello Blogging World!  Get ready to have your socks knocked off!
Hello Blogging World! Get ready to have your socks knocked off!

Photographer:  Robyn Preston Photography


Hmmm….where to start when it comes to content?  How to proceed to get your best stuff out and into the world?  For my blog and site I figure I’m going to focus on where my heart is and that will be my photography, my writing, and oh yes!…my fashion designs.

Sure…sure there’ll be some bits of shopping commentary on the latest trends….but there will also be some bits of magic….a bit of Faery….a bit of science and discovery since my heart has followed these topics for some time, but these will be those sprinkles that will hopefully make my blog that more cohesive and well-rounded.  If you stay along for the ride then you’ll get to see how my content will roll out.

I want to keep it fun and hopefully funny….thought-provoking….inspiring.

I can’t wait to get started and I can’t wait to see how my site progresses and grows.  I hope you’ll join me on the journey.

Travel Spritely…until next time.

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    1. Thanks so much! I can’t to write and feature your jewelry…I’m looking forward to it. When I do…I’ll be looking forward to hear what you think. 🙂

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