Chilli Beans…the coolest watch shop I’ve seen since Swatch

I love watches.  I used to have many watches to wear with different outfits and then slowly I sort of stopped adding new watches to my collection, but my love for cool trendy watches never faded.

Chilli Beans-5
The Chilli Beans’ Melrose store exterior with the signature vibrant red.

My love for watches was reignited when I came across the designs offered by Chilli Beans.  I discovered them at their Santa Monica location initially, but had the chance to visit their Melrose store recently.

When you first step in you’re immediately struck by the cool crisp air of the store with the use of the white & red paint scheme and their use of glossy art alongside artsy thought-provoking statements.

Chilli Beans offer watches and eyewear which includes sunglasses.  I was completely taken by their watch line which introduces new designs regularly.  The store features a watch limited design weekly with new designs always in works.  Prices range from $65-98 for sunglasses depending on the style and watches range from $58-98 depending on style.

Check out their website here which provides you the opportunity to shop online.

I’m currently stalking their watches looking for the right one to take home.  The prices are competitive I think and will give you something very sleek and stylish.  I will keep you updated when I make my selection.  If you’ve tried any Chilli Beans watched I’d love to hear if you like them and why.

…until next time.  Travel Spritely.

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