The Cat’s Out of the Bag: Stardust Hat Designs….(this or something better)

I was out and about this past weekend in Melrose looking and shopping.  Searching for things to use for an upcoming photoshoot and also taking pictures of my latest design, a hat.

The amount of trendy and chic boutiques available on this stretch of road is staggering.  There are designer shops, consignment shops, pop-up shops (all the latest trend), and thrift shops.  It’s almost endless except that once you exit either side at La Cienega or La Brea it peters out….though the truth is if you go past La Cienega the shopping does continue.  I plan to talk about some of the shops I visited over the next few blog posts since I found the most interesting designs, but before I do I’m going to discuss my own designs and let the cat-out-of-the-bag.

….and a star is born….or at least dreamt of….with the birth of Stardust Hat Designs (name may change..)


The Cat Is Out of the Bag on my latest design! 


New hat design seen on the streets of Melrose!  Reviews were many and good.  Yay!
New hat design seen on the streets of Melrose! Reviews were many and good. Yay!

I’ve been working with recycled materials lately on a lot of my designs to include my fashion designs.

Just exploring.

Just figuring out my medium.

Just discovering my design aesthetic.

And then one day after designing a few items (a gown & a dress), I decided to try a hat…A hat….I named ‘Imagination‘.

This hat was amazing.  It was an eye-catcher.  It was aerodynamic.  Literally lifting off of my head.  I needed bobby pins.

However as I wore it out…proudly….I must admit that I had a few of moments when it was done ever so slightly without dignity.  See scene below.  (Classic Debra Winger moment from Forget Paris starring Billy Crystal & Debra Winger.  Only the ‘movie-heads’ will know this film.)


My moments were sans pigeon and mousetrap paper….but they were funny all the same with the hat at one time hanging off my head and swinging by my arm as I drove (having been flung away so I could see)…flying off my head and flapping around my back (erroneous bobby pin placement), etc. as I got out of the car and paid my meter.

At the end what’s important is that the hat was amazing (once properly perched on my head).  It attracted attention (during the cool moments) and I received loads of compliments.

This design is good.  And worth pursuing however I would recommend wearing hat pins, bobby pins, etc. to keep it in place and proper placement/stowage so one can see while driving.

I want to give special thanks to the ladies at the following Melrose stores that gave this designer a boost by loving her work and I plan to return the favor by giving quickie blog reviews about their stores over the next few posts:

8 Degrees: Jewelry & Accessories

Rock Etiquette

Chilli Beans


These shops were some of the coolest shops on the blocks I walked and are worth a mention and a serious look-see.  Plus they totally loved my hat design:

“Love your hat!” – Sales Associate Rock Etiquette on Melrose

“I love your hat…” Sales Associate at Degree on Melrose

“…cool hat…” Sales Associate at Chilli Beans on Melrose

“…love your hat…I could see you a couple blocks away….”  Couple who passed me by on Melrose & took the cute images of me by the cat graffiti seen above.


My upcoming blog post will start a short series on Melrose boutiques I visited with items I loved in the store and a summary of what I found inside.  Would love to hear your thoughts on the hat.  Look for the opening of an Etsy shop in the future.  It’s where I plan to sell my hat designs!  Wish me luck.


…until next time.  Travel Spritely.

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  1. My favorite post so far. I love how you share your creative process along with the responses from your audience (the public). And the slide show images are simply amazing. I look forward to your next post as I travel spritely! 🙂

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