Interview: Rock Etiquette the Cool Melrose Shop with a Rock N Roll Flare

I’m back with an interview!  This time with:

Rock Etiquette located in Los Angeles on Melrose.  Innovative. Edgy.
Rock Etiquette located in Los Angeles on Melrose.


….Rock Etiquette, a shop focusing on high-quality rock-n-roll edgy fashion, focuses on a unique combination of rock/punk/bohemian elements to create something worth seeing and more importantly wearing if you want to bring the rock-n-roll to your closet.



Rock Etiquette was one of my ‘Melrose Shops’ that I visited during my little exploration of the street a month ago.  I loved what I saw and they loved my hat that I wore (see earlier blog posts).  I wanted to sit down and find out more about their shop.  Their clothing had a certain ‘edge’ to it that grabbed my attention.  I contacted them for an interview for my blog.  I sent them my ‘Special 8’ which is a name I’m trying out for my tailored interview questions I generate.  I spoke to Ella, one half of the team behind Rock Etiquette, who gave me some cool responses….so here we go.

LaDonna: How long have you been on Melrose?


Rock Etiquette: David got the location in 2011. So it’ s 2.5 years. I joined the team in 2013.


LaDonna: How did you come up with the concept for your store?  What are you about?  Are you about the music as well as the clothes or is the store more about the clothes that carry the vibe/edge of rock n roll?


Sure to be Love at First's what you're gonna see when you step inside...
Sure to be Love at First Sight….here’s what you’re gonna see when you step inside…

Rock Etiquette: We are more about the clothes that carry the vibe/edge of rock n roll.

Rock Etiquette is attitude.

Our fashion selections are versatile for all of your day and night adventures. With styles filled with bohemian vibe, a polished look for a night on the town or that Hollywood rock n’ roll attitude, we’ve got a style for YOU!


LaDonna: Alright! Who is your customer?  What are you known for?  Do you have more than one location?


Rock Etiquette: Our customers are stylish woman 20s – 35. But we also have older ladies shopping with us. And in Melrose we have a big following of (a) younger crowd. It’s a mix. There is one thing in common for all of these ladies. They are personalities! ….We think we are known for our neutral color palette and amazing designs.


LaDonna: So tell me what’s currently the hottest trend in your shop?  Do you design your own clothes?  Why the rock n roll vibe?  Is the owner, David Aragon, or one of the managers a secret rock n roll artist/musician?


Rock Etiquette: Our trends this summer are shawls, kimonos, fringy oversized tops, everything what is flowy and breathy.  We design our own clothes as well. Actually our goal is to sell only our designs but that is little difficult when you have only 2 stores. But soon guys, soon.

I will tell you some secrets about David… 🙂 He always loved rock music, but he is coming from religious family and they didn’t let the boy express himself. I am sure if he would have a chance to play in a band he would but he needed to hide his inner rock star until the moment when he moved to US and opened his business.


The rocking style with a boho edge...lovely maxi dresses bringing to mind the new hippie-chic.
The rocking style with a boho edge…lovely maxi dresses bringing to mind the new hippie-chic.


LaDonna: I’m going to take a small break in the interview and insert an excerpt from their bio on the team behind Rock Etiquette:

“Rock Etiquette was founded in 2010 by David Aragon, a long-time veteran of the Los Angeles fashion industry. David was born in Venezuela and has since lived in Colombia, Israel, and the United States. While working the night life in Tel Aviv and Hollywood, David recognized a need for sexy-but-chic clothing. His mission is to make sleek, cosmopolitan styles available to everyone.

Ella: In 2013 an unstoppable team was born. As Latvia’s most sought after artists, DJ Ella partnered with David to create a unique trendy balance of complete male and female fashion in one stop. As a model with a proven sense of style she has been featured in signature magazines including Cosmopolitan Latvia, FHM, Shape, Playboy and several other high fashion mags. In 2009 and 2010 Latvian Fashion Federation declared DJ Ella as being the most stylish Latvian DJ/singer and was the only Latvian performer nominated for “MTV Europe Music Awards” as the “Best Baltic Act”. The opening of her own club / restaurant “Dstyle”  in 2010 in the heart of Old Riga, became one of the most preferred entertainment places for Latvian celebrities, where various fashion, art and music related events take place, including the Riga Fashion Week official after parties. Ella moved to L.A. 2 years ago, from the beginning of her music career her name was associated with fashion; She has DJ’d events for Valentino, Tory Burch, Johnatan Adler, Paige Denim, Top Shop, different Nordstrom Fashion events, Converse, 1 state, Cotton On and several others.

There is no question that this power duo of Music, Art and Fashion have their eyes and ears to the heartbeat of the worlds fashion beat. Rock Etiquette is a recipe for success and a must for all of your style and fashion needs.”


Back to the Interview…..


LaDonna: Let’s talk Look Book-ese…I notice that there’s a strong Boho trend with a strong Santa Fe vibe with classic rock accents.  What was the inspiration?  The hats are very strong statements with their classic features and the color palette is very muted with the exceptions of the burgundy.  I would love to hear your thoughts on it.


Rock Etiquette: We think the simple is the new black:). And that’s why our palette is so neutral. Rock Etiquette is for personalities and personalities don’t need to wear a crazy color palette to show up.  We love hats cause this is such a strong Cali trend. It’s like the end of every outfit we carry in our stores.

Our inspiration is California; one of the most beautiful places in the whole world.


LaDonna: Who does your photography?  It’s phenomenal and makes all of your designs/looks pop.  It immediately caught my eye.  As someone who does fashion photography/design I’m always open to striking images.  Do you have a point of view you’re trying to capture?  If you had 4 keywords to describe your brand…your designs what would they be?


Rock Etiquette: We work with different photographers. I really like the shoot done by Alona Fedorenko. And I love working with Lorenzo Fomicola from Italy. By the way we are working on a new web site at the moment. We are super excited! So more new images coming soon! Very soon!

Hmm…4 words: rock, edgy mixed with boho and class.


LaDonna: Speaking of fashion photography…I want to share a couple of mine.  They feature my ‘eye for fashion’ as well as some of my designs.  When I came into the store I was wearing one of hats that I designed and I received a great compliment in your store which I blogged about in an earlier post that featured the hat.  To spice up the interview (& since your store loved my one hat design) I’ve included a pic of another one of my hat designs that bring to mind the following four keywords:  Edge, Girl, Innovative, and Fashion-Forward.  I thought we could compare notes.  Where do you find the ‘Edge’, the ‘Girl’, the ‘Innovation’, and the ‘Fashion-Forward’-ness in your own designs?  I know where I might say I saw it in your clothes, but I’d love to hear your own thoughts.

Rock Etiquette:  This is a very difficult question… We actually find those words in every piece we carry.

LaDonna Comment:  Below are the pics Rock Etiquette provided to show where they see the keywords mentioned above in their own designs….it shows their own interpretation of ‘Edge’, ‘Girl’, ‘Innovative’, and ‘Fashion Forwardness’.  Sitting back and looking at each image and comparing between the two you can see a definite theme of ‘Edge’ and ‘Girl’ come through.  It’s the attitude.  It’s the fashion.  It’s interesting how different images can capture the same word showing a new perspective on the theme of ‘edgy’, ‘innovation’, etc.


LaDonna: How do you get your designs/looks out to the public?  Do you participate in Art Fairs or have you featured in any fashion shows?   How do you see your fashion perspective reaching new customers?  Do you have ideas of taking your company to a new level and if you could be featured anywhere…where would it be?


Rock Etiquette: We actually never took part in any Fashion Show or serious Art Fair, but it all will come. We want to open at least 10 stores so we are able to sell only our designs. And we both believe it is possible.

It’ s too early to think where will we be featured. But we would love to see our brand in Vogue, Bazar and all other high fashion mags. Would be nice to drive through LA and see our billboards as well:). Haha:)!


LaDonna: Finally has your brand changed much from it’s initial introduction to the fashion scene?  If so, how?  Has your vision changed much for your brand/designs?  Where do you see Rock Etiquette going into the future and do you have any new ventures on the horizon?


Rock Etiquette: Actually we changed a bit. And it happened right when I joined the team. David’s vision was filled with sex appeal, for me it was little too aggressive. My vision was little bit of bohemian mixed with edgy and rock’s’ roll. So what we did we mixed it up and now it’ s edgy and sexy rock’n’roll mixed with boho touch.


LaDonna: Thanks so much for taking time out for a chat.  Again, I totally love your store and the clothes you carry.  From the inside of the store to your online presence…you really have something to share with those who are on the lookout for cool, interesting, edgy, and lovely designs.  Expect to see me again in your store.  I’ll likely be the one with a hat on.  Haha!


…until next time.  Travel Spritely.



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