Is Anyone Out There: Pinterest the Saga and the Dream

I have a little problem.  I dream.  And I see.  I believe Pinterest can be more.  I know in my heart that Pinterest is an untapped resource for creative communication and sharing, but I do not know if anyone else is trying what I am trying to do and so I’m bringing it to my blog to lay it out.

The Dream/The Insight:  That Pinterest could be more than just a digital collage board….that it could become a platform for a mini-magazine and a digital multi-media newsroom capturing the latest news and opinions of interesting people.  My thought was to turn it into a cafe that people could come in a visit for a time and either observe my artwork or other artwork and leave or come in a ‘sit-down’ and chat via images on a particular topic.

My dream was a bit ambitious and to my knowledge no one was really using Pinterest in the way that I was/am using it.  The start of my dream to turn my boards into miniature magazines began with a revamping of my existing boards to create an eye-catching introduction to each board.  I took it from little to no description to a simple summary that was more lively and engaging.  Below are each of my boards along with the updated descriptions.

And She Saw Stars Photography:  All of my other boards have an amazing intro and when it came to writing an intro to my own work….I had nothing. The Muse was strangely silent. Does this mean my work speaks for itself? I’m not sure, but I hope you’re listening and I hope you like it. This board is an extension of my online portfolio ( that showcases my photography and in some cases my own designs. In many cases I was also the stylist as well as the photographer.

The Besty of Etsy:  I love Etsy and this board is my treasure chest of finds I found on Etsy that I love. You can click on the image and it’ll take you to the link to Etsy and if the item is no longer available…it’s either because I bought it (lol) or someone else did. The cool thing though is that you’ll likely find something similar from the artist that you may like instead.

Pebble Skipping Across the Pond of Fashion:  This fashion board represents many images, styles, and pieces that speak to my eye on what I love about fashion design. This board is meant to be a diversion from the sharp focus on a particular brand or designer. Repeats of images, themes, and designers reflect Fashion Dream Clouds I frequent on a regular basis.

Divine Beauty:  The Lovely Dream of Wedding Couture:  This board features fabulous gowns of various designers I’ve discovered while surfing the internet or flipping through magazines. I love the drama….the emotion they convey through their poses and expressions….these are dream weddings….almost too good to be true. Couture, I feel transports you from the mundane to the spiritual, turning mere designers into visionary shamans that carry back their visions of Divine Beauty to share with the world. Journey on brave designers…journey on!

The Artists I Love:  These are ‘They’…the artists I love… Some are because I admired their work for years and others simply because I came upon them by chance and ‘discovered’ them. Some are well-known and others are perhaps not so well known, but it doesn’t really matter. What matters is that they inspire me to aspire to be a greater artist myself regardless of the medium in which they create. Perhaps you may ‘discover’ some new artists for yourself as you stroll through this digital gallery…

Somewhere Moments:  This board is about the ‘somewheres’ in time….’somewhere’ on Earth….’somewhere’ in imagination….’somewhere’ in love….’somewhere’ in space….the moments between the thoughts when there’s only feeling and impulse…what’s evocative…mysterious…elusive…and yet real…Enjoy the journey!

Inspiring Inspirations (A Nine Muse Crossing):  So here is where I cubby away the images that Call to me…the ones that are inspirational…the ones that give me ideas and are placeholders for something great. It’s meant to be ‘brilliance-in-the-making’…captured in a whirl of color that makes the eye roam and the mind dance. Dancing with the Muses never hurts and always leaves me breathless and dizzy with visions of the heart just waiting to pour forth into the world.

Something Interesting This Way Comes:  This board is all about interesting things I’ve seen and so represents a broad range of topics. It’s a bit like that ‘junk drawer’ everyone has in their kitchen where you place all the things you don’t have distinct places for. It’s meant to draw me back into the realm of wonder if I’m ever too too serious….or ground me if I’m ever too floaty and far out in space…so don’t get confused by the seemingly ‘disconnect’ amongst the pins…. It’s completely intentional.

Fashion & Innovation:  Inside the Misty Realm of Steampunk:  I love Steampunk and especially love how it’s really taken hold in the fashion world. It’s moved from the realms of the science-fiction conventions, comic-cons, and steampunk lifestyle gatherings to the front stage of fashion design bringing new and innovative designers just to boot. I’ve seen the most amazing things created by people and this board is intended to showcase these designers (clothing or other) as well as identify items that might be used to create your own designs. Enjoy!

Love It:  Pure and simple….this board represents images that as soon as I saw them…the first thing that popped into my head was “Love it!”. There was no doubt or wishy-washy “hmmm” to determine what I felt or thought. Clarity. What a wonderful thing.

This is a Man’s World:  Empowering Women:  This board is under construction in that I’m actively musing about it’s direction and intent. Ultimately it’s about empowered women. In a so-call ‘man’s world’ I think it’s important to recognize the multi-facets of the feminine: real, phenomenal, honest, vulnerable and wild. It features little-women-in-training, ‘real’ women, goddesses Divine, etc. and is a gallery-scape where I attempt to bust stereotypes, generate dialogue and bring awareness to passers-by.

Beautifully Feminine:  This board celebrates those images I feel evokes the beautifully wonderful feminine mystique. It includes a mixture of images that I found either evocative, inspirational, alluring, or mystical. They’re mainly focused around women themselves, but there are also images that despite the content carry that vibration of the Beautiful Feminine. She can be found any and everywhere if you have the heart to see.

The Adonai:  This board celebrates the men I think are Beauty defined: an Adonis. Since I do not know the plural of this word, I’ve called them ‘the Adonai’. These men inspire through their actions, their physique, their qualities, or their words. Yet they are human. I believe this to be one of the most wonderful qualities within, not just men, but in all of us: to be the Muse and the Inspired.

The Punk of Rock:  The Punk Rock Board:  This board will hopefully go a bit beyond punk rock to the ‘vibe of punk’. What makes me think punk rock? Is it mohawks and middle-fingers? Yes, but also no. Punk rock is angst and music, but it’s also fashion. It can be something you try on for the day. It doesn’t have to be a lifestyle. It can be a moment or two hours at a movie. This board features ‘looks’, ‘vibes’, my designs, and traditional views of punk. Take a gander and slam the door on your way out.

What Is Girl?:  Be Girl. What does this mean? ‘Be Girl’ came to me after one of my photoshoots that captured an image that I titled ‘Marilyn’. ‘Be Girl’ is a moment where a girl can ‘be a bit too much, free, rare, something beautiful to behold…simply herself’. (my own quote) This board is dedicated to the ‘Be Girl’ spirit. Seeing Girl in the flesh is akin to catching a glimpse of a unicorn. Will you recognize her when you see her?

I really love my updated descriptions and reading them lets me know what my boards are about, but my dream of making my boards (not necessarily all of them) virtual cafes where folks can talk hasn’t taken off in the way that I’d like.  So far I’ve only one board that sort of does what I hope it to do in this regard and it’s this board:

Cafe Series:  Somewhere In Time Themed Wedding Shoot Board: This board is a gathering of the photoshoot team to have a chat about the shoot: Our loves and likes from the shoot. It includes the funny behind the scenes glimpses not seen in the final edits and so makes for a wonderful mix of ideas and thoughts. Team members includes: Robyn Preston Photography, And She Saw Stars (stylist/hairpiece designer (myself)), The Blooming Bakery (cakes), A Recycled Love Story (flowers), and Details (invitations). Other contributing designers are listed below.

I love this board because it shows the locations where images from the photoshoot were picked up by various wedding blogs, but there’s only a few comments from the participants; not nearly as many as I’d hoped for.  So I’m hoping to have more success with other boards and continue to build on my ‘Cafe Series’ boards and in time they will have more participation.

To that end I’m opening the doors to someone who’s interested in participating in a fashion-centric Pinterest Cafe Series board.  If you’re game, send me an email along with your fashion area of interest.  Only serious people should consider and apply.  Once we have an agreed upon topic then we can build a board and start a discussion and see just what ideas can come from it and more importantly what interest can be generated through participation.  It’s an experiment, but it should be a fun one.

…until next time.  Travel Spritely.

5 thoughts on “Is Anyone Out There: Pinterest the Saga and the Dream

    1. Thanks so much Valerie! I’m so glad you like it. I’m definitely planning to use Pinterest in a sort of ‘cafe’ mode to try out my concept….I’ll see how it goes…but I will place any updates here.

  1. Love this post, i was just trying to explain how much more pinterest can be than just a virtual pin board to someone. Glad to know someone else feels the same.

    1. Thanks for the feedback. I’m glad you can see how Pinterest can be used in more than one or two ways. Pinterest totally mentions a few other ways that their boards might be used, but it’s more for marketing ones products rather than the concept I’m mentioning. You might be able to see some of their other ideas on their website. I’m hoping to see if they might comment on my ideas since I’ve sent them a link to this post. We’ll see…if not who knows what I might discover as I continue to work with my boards.

  2. This post has made me really think about how our work can be ‘marketed’ and distributed. You have some pretty awesome boards here, LaDonna. Thanks for sharing!

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