My Little Lunar Calendar

I love lunar or astrological calendars that show the most unusual, interesting, quaint, or practical knowledge that can inform you about the world, the past, the present and your own life.

An amazing lunar calendar filled with great information.  Distributed by Amber Lotus Publishing.
An amazing lunar calendar filled with great information. Distributed by Amber Lotus Publishing.

For 2014 I decided to step it up and go ‘full lunar’ and purchased the Lunaria calendar for my wall….(the other being the Froud 2014 calendar…with my third calendar A Knock at the Door being a gift so I actually have 3 calendars in heavy rotation for 2014).  Lunaria is distributed by Amber Lotus Publishing.   You can see a blog post on Amber Lotus Publishing’s website about their calendar here.

For the Seventh Moon (June 27-July 25) I read the most interesting comment about Elves and their ability to bestow the gift of the ‘sight’ on those whom they chose, but even more interesting was the comment about people in the past speaking of ‘Elf-books‘ that are sometimes given by the Elves to people they love that allow them to ‘foretell future events’.  And I thought ‘oooooo’ what a wonderful thought and what type of story this might make if I wrote it.  At the time I was working on editing my Alice images and I knew two of them that made me think there was a story there….perhaps for another character or perhaps even for Alice herself…..what say you?

The Elf Book....a book that can tell the future....a cool idea for a story....
The Elf Book….a book that can tell the future….a cool idea for a story….


The Elf Book....a good image for such a tale....
The Elf Book….a good image for such a tale….

I love this calendar and the point of this post is to show you that cool information and inspiration can come from the most interesting of places.  Do you have a favorite calendar that has inspired you?  What type of information did it give you?  I would highly recommend this calendar to anyone who had an interest and I’m likely to try them again in 2015.  But in the meantime…what will I do with the information?  Will Alice finally meet the Elves in my story or will my photography that I feel is a good visual starting point for a new tale lead me in a new direction when it comes time to use the images?

We will see.  Until next time….Travel Spritely.





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    1. Thanks! I’m posting soon about the Travel Spritely and what it means….it’s a saying that I have….it’s something I think people wonder about and I’d like to talk about it briefly. The little tidbit on Elf books is amazing, but not much more could be found when I did a bit of research. I may find out more in the future.

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