The ‘Dianey’ Hat

I’m in just to give the latest on my newest design for one of my best friends….(here’s hoping she won’t see this post before she receives it).   I’m calling it ‘the Dianey’ hat and it’s adorable.  I will likely make a series of small hats similar to this design that can perch on the head from this cool paper that I purchased specifically for her hat from Paper Source.  She loves the colors of gray, white, and nude/neutrals.  She’s always very clean, classic, and sophisticated in her style.  Unlike my other designs these hats will not be made from recycled paper (which is what I love to work with).  However a cute hat is a cute hat!  So check the design out below.  Aside from designing the hat I had a blast taking cool pics of it and then editing them to highlight the cool features I loved of my design.  Enjoy!

Until next time.  Travel Spritely.


In stunning 'Gallery Shot': The Dianey
In stunning ‘Gallery Shot’: The Dianey



The Dianey Hat Design....variants to follow....Yay!  Keep your eyes on my Etsy Shop.
The Dianey Hat Design….variants to follow….Yay! Keep your eyes on my Etsy Shop.

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