It’s My Birthday!

So today I am writing…a bit lucky to be here.  I’ve been on an amazing journey and I thought it’d be nice just to say ‘I am here.’.  Not everyone who’s here is actually in….and I am both:  here and in.  What this means is that you’re present and engaged; ‘present and reporting for duty’ as they sometimes say, but more so…because you are alive and living.  So Happy Birthday to me!  I’m so glad to be here.  I hope you feel the same for your own presence on this Earth.  Now get out there and do something amazing, something unexpected, something daring….something YOU!


Here’s a pic of me in New Orleans dancing in public just because I was happy to be me and free!  I love this pic.  I hope it inspires you to be free and you no matter who’s looking on….


Travel Spritely!

Yay!  I'm alive......
Yay! I’m alive……

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