A Meandering Post: Where I’ve been lately….

I’ve been so busy lately working and working for projects at school.  It’s been taking it’s toll and also keeping me away from some of the simple joys of just enjoying my art, my ‘work’, and the journey to ‘becoming’ an artist.  LOL.  The ‘becoming’ is really about me finding my audience and finding my circles where I can share my work and interact with other like minds who are also creating in vibrant ways that can inspiring and take me and my work into new directions.  Essentially the cycle of being inspired and inspiring and growing that every artist and likely every individual wants to experience in their chosen profession.

I’m inspired by story, beauty, fashion, art and Nature and in my art I try to explore this through my fashion design, photography, and writing.  I would like to paint you a picture of the Princess Scheherazade that came to me as I was editing some of my recent images….this is where I love to work when I take my pictures and discover a thread of something that leads me to something else that is verified through a bit of research….

The tale of the journey of a weaver of tales....
The tale of the journey of a weaver of tales….

I came upon Scheherazade as I was looking through this image and as soon as I saw her I thought ….’Scheherazade’…but I didn’t know why…..In my mind it was the way the yarn fell across her head and face…it was the colors that were used in the image that were captured in the yarn…and so there she was and as I wrote this post I discovered that Scheherazade is none other than the Princess who survived 1001nights through the use of her wit and ability to weave tales of magic and romance to captivate one man and save her life.

It is simply serendipity that my picture has the elements of a storyteller that’s captured in the yarn….this is my friend Julie who modeled for me, but in this moment she is the Princess Scheherazade ‘dreamer and storyteller’ Supreme.


More to follow.  until next time….travel Spritely.

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