Amoeba Records

The project:  The Punk Rock Gown Project…..and the plan was to do some photography of my punk rock gown.  I had the chance to do photography in two great locations:  Floyd’s 99 Barbershop in Hollywood and Amoeba Records.  I thought it’d be great locations for locales that would help to bring out the vibe of the gown.  Floyd’s was awesome for it’s raw and edgy artwork and the barbershop setting with the chairs made it an awesome space to work in.  Amoeba Records was so cool for it’s wall-to-wall record stands and aisles that featured tons of awesome music.  The gown looked great in it…..very Americana.  Shots of the gown in Floyd’s had a very different vibe to it and I’ll likely talk about it in another post.  I wanted to show the great shots from Amoeba in this post.  Jorden Karsten is the model.  Special thanks to Amoeba Records and Floyd’s for their support.

The thing with Amoeba Records is that when we got there we were given Amoeba Records stickers to wear to show we were ok’d to do the shoot.  I took one look and said I don’t want to walk around with a sticker slapped on me….how can we make this cool? (and wear the stickers ugh!) and so in a brilliant moment the stickers were ‘on’ and in and became one of the most coolest things to photograph during the shoot.


Amoeba Records


Jorden totally rocked the shoot and it turned out to be a lot of fun.  From taking a look at different album covers to sitting around on their indoor stage to striking big poses at the end of aisles…it all made for a unique shoot.  I think these pictures were some of the greatest.  I had just redesigned the gown from an earlier configuration and I was so glad I had done so.  The gown was totally a ‘more interesting’ design after I redesigned it from a sleeveless gown to one with sleeves.  Here’s some of the highlights from the shoot:

This shot I took I loved and it immediately reminded me of Spike Lee.  During some of his earlier films he would use the camera effect that show someone walking forward alone with the camera moving along with them.  I think this image I will call simply ‘Spike’ due to the reference.




If you don’t know this camera technique check out his earlier films like School Daze and Do The Right Thing.  I remember when it was first seen and it generated a lot of buzz for its use and the perspective it gives to the viewer.  It really helps to give an effect of ‘where am I?’ or ‘I’m just moving through….dazed…’, etc. and when I saw it in my photograph I immediately thought ‘Spike Lee’.

Other shots were just as cool….posing with the LPs because that’s one of the best parts of doing a shoot in a record store.  Jorden posed with a Jimi Hendrix LP intentionally because one of the tshirts I used in the gown has Jimi Hendrix on it.


Other covers like Bryan Adams and Kitten were sort of done impromptu, but I will admit that the Kitten album was picked out by me in particular.  I saw the Kitten cover some time ago when it was released and I was immediately drawn in by it and did some research on the band.  I found tons of stuff about the record release and signings and one happened to have taken place at Amoeba Records.  I didn’t go, but when it came time to doing the shoot and and getting to Amoeba I noticed that the album was displayed prominently and thought hey why not do some shots with the album?  Who knows….maybe the band might like them and I’m sure Amoeba would find them interesting.  So here’s my Kitten album shoot montage…..Amoeba did get a copy of a set of these images.  I did offer a set to Kitten and I’m hoping to hear back from them….keep your fingers crossed!  🙂


Now that the shoot is over I’m looking at new ways to work with the images.  I feel they are simply too strong to let sit on a shelf somewhere.  I’m considering using some of them for greeting cards and perhaps see if anyone might be interested in publishing them elsewhere like in a magazine along with an article or perhaps on its own.  Working with Jorden was amazing and she brought out many vibes that helped me to see my design in new ways.  I will keep an update on how it goes taking my photography to the next level.  If any of these shots move onto other forums so that they can be seen by a larger audience, I’ll be sure to write about it.  In the meantime I’ll leave you with some other images from the shoot for fun.  Until next time….Travel Spritely.









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