Squam In the City: Takin’ It To The Streets

….continuing on my Squam journey I happened to take another class in photography with the amazing Andrea Jenkins in her Takin’ It To The Streets workshop.

Takin It To The Streets:  The Class
Takin It To The Streets: The Class + Andrea Jenkins (the Teach)
Takin It To Streets:  Plus One
Takin It To Streets: The Class Pic (Above) + Plus One (Me)

It was tons of cool fun….and I was coming off of my prior day class on Color with Xanthe B so it was a chance to incorporate what I learned about color and perspective and expand it to take on Andrea’s take on photography.

The Lovely Andrea Jenkins Behind the Lens
The Lovely Andrea Jenkins Behind the Lens (the Teach)

She taught a lot on the vantage point of you as the photographer and of the camera; how to see in new ways….how to not care about what your camera is looking at if you’re not looking and how to find your topic of interest on the streets.  “What was I collecting?” she asked.  Was it images of numbers…images of signs….images of doors?  I was focusing on doors and numbers since I had already noted many in my prior day of photography, but to be honest other items such as signs….and water drains came into play…as I was already collecting images of them….your eye just naturally keeps picking the other items of interest up too.  It’s hard to only pick one or two items to track on the streets during a photography walk.  LOL.  So why not just get them all.  You may never pass that way again.  But in the meantime, I took a lot of pictures of things I normally wouldn’t bother to capture.  They were suddenly vibrant.  Suddenly speaking.  Like silent stones that finally speak….the streets…the walls….the cement….called and said….’what say you?’  I replied, ‘I see you.’ Click.


Signs Rhode Island

I also took a lot of open pictures of people normally being shy of doing so unless at a distance due to sensitivity of capturing people on film.  Not everyone wants to have their picture taken, but if you ask you can get some great shots.  During the exchange you can meet some great people and learn a lot more about the city your visiting.  If you’re bold enough…you can capture people having wonderful moments without asking and simply enjoy the scene of people in the park….people chatting…or even just minding their own lives as they pass you by.

The class was awesome and there are tons of images that I took showing new perspectives for me or interesting pics of me posing (which I don’t often get).  Here are the highlights to follow.  I hope you enjoy.  More to come on Squam?  Most Def.  Until next time……Travel Spritely.


The Stair
The Stair
Les Tomates
Les Tomates


The Relic


Water Drain Rhode Island
Water Drain Rhode Island




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    1. Thanks so much….! I love giving my photos a name, but not every photo I take gets one. I’m glad that you like them.

  1. I love the Front Porches website and have bookmarked it on my computer. Their pictures are always gorgeous and they have such incredibly helpful content. But, th1t7#82a&;s just an example of how Dave & Mary are. They are two of the most selfless people I know. They work hard on their site but it is truly a labor of love. I found your comment about the value of blogging to increase traffic very timely. I am considering starting a blog also for that reason. Does it make a difference which one to use?

    1. I’m going to be honest I think it only matters to your heart. It’s important to consider ease of use first and foremost. Is the site/blog/hosting doing what you want? When you write who are you writing for and what do you hope to accomplish? Once you know that then it’s pretty easy to pick. You can blog to accomplish your goals and do it the easiest way which is free and inexpensive but luxurious. No one wants a crappy look for their site. I’m in the midst of changing my site a bit. I’m a bit of a roving writer/photographer. I’m a diary-ist and so I write and journal and take pics and then I’m out in the world journaling. My blog is a means of reporting what I’ve found while I’m out. Increasing traffic to my site is not necessarily a goal of my blogging. I love to write.

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