Interview: Candle Stash….A Scented Journey

Candle amazing find in Melrose on a Sunday!
Candle Stash….an amazing find in Melrose on a Sunday!

I happened across Emily, owner of Candle Stash, while at the Melrose Sunday market.  It was love at first scent.  I smelled her blood orange and lavender candle and I couldn’t imagine leaving that market without it.  I wanted to see if she’d be willing to tell me more about her candles and how she created the scents.  I also wondered if she was creating anything more fabulous in the future.  Her creativity with aromatherapy is amazing and I totally recommend her candles.  If you are ever in Melrose on a Sunday pop by her booth.  But if you don’t have time….take a little gander over to Etsy and you can find her there too.



The lovely Emily!
The lovely Emily!
Emily at her booth....
Emily at her booth….

So now onto the interview!  Hope you guys all enjoy….until next time.  Travel Spritely!


1) Tell me when you started your business?  How did you get into it?


About 2 years ago I had the remains of a candle that I absolutely LOVED, but couldn’t find another to save my life. I really wanted that smell to stick around! I decided I had to melt the remains down and try to make a little candle from it. I bought some wicks and did what I could in an old jar… it didn’t really work unfortunately. That got me thinking that maybe I could find the scented oil and make one for myself. Unfortunately again, unsuccessful. By this time though, I had a few oils and started trying to make other candles. There was a LOT of trial and error before I ended up with the method I use now. It took about 4 months of spare time here and there to figure out how to make a candle that would even burn properly!


Yummy candles!
Yummy candles!

2) What about scented candles made you say yes!  When did you create your first formulas?  What do you love about candles and candle making?


When I started to make my own scent blends that actually smelled good, I was HOOKED. Sense of smell has the power to transport you back to another place and time, even just for a short moment. You know when you smell your dad’s cologne, or the flowers your grandma grew in the backyard, you’re there for a moment. I love that sensation, I hope my candles create those moments for other people!


Keep the nose clear with'll go further using your nose to find the scent for you.
Keep the nose clear with coffee…you’ll go further using your nose to find the scent for you.

3) Ok….let’s talk scents.  I fell in love with your blood orange and lavender candle it was a interesting combination.  Why that combo?


I drew inspiration earlier on from traveling. I’ve always loved having things on fire in my environment. I love incense and candles, and tend to buy things like that when I’m away. Whenever I burn them, I’m back in that memory and I love being able to experience that!


When I’m trying to develop a new scent, sometimes I’m trying to recreate something I used to have but can’t get anymore. Sometimes it’s a request from a friend. The blood orange + lavender scent was me trying to recreate an incense I had had years earlier but wasn’t available anymore. Sometimes I smell an oil and it’s obvious what it needs to smell good to me, other times not so much. In the end,  I’m almost always trying to make things that smell great to ME.


4) How do you come up with your scents?  What is your inspiration?  Are you creating anything new?

Anything new?


I do a lot of staring at the oil bottles! If there’s a scent oil that I really want to use, but it’s just not right, I’ll put the bottle on the coffee table and just stare at it when I’m on the couch. There are currently 3 bottles on the coffee table… I’ve gotten better at figuring out if a scent is too sharp, or too cloying or whatever, what will cut that and make it more well rounded and pleasant.

5) Are candles all you do?  Do you plan to do anything in addition to candles?


I can’t imagine making anything other than candles, actually.  I love the fire, and the warm flickering light of candles.
6) When we were talking at your booth we spoke about our love of England

and you mentioned it was an source of inspiration for your scents… particular incense that you’ve used or smelled before.  Tell me more.


I love traveling. LOVE. I love to bring home scented products because I know that when I use them, I’ll have that sensation of being somewhere else for a moment; away from the everyday routine, seeing and experiencing new things. I’ve come to enjoy the challenge of channeling a scent memory and bringing it back to life for myself.
CandleStash-447)  Have you considered making incense or turning your candles into another form?  Are you interested in researching incense making, the history of it, aromatherapy or ancient formulas?


I’m definitely interested in learning more about aromatherapy! I was having a conversation with someone recently about creating a small collection of aromatherapy candles that I won’t get too specific about other than to say it was very exciting and hopefully you’ll see something from candle stash next year!
8) Where can people find your products?  And what is the price range?  Is there anything you’d like people to know

about your products or your business or even you?


My candles are available at the candle stash Etsy store ( and at some shows and festivals around southern California. I’m working on upgrading packaging and getting retail distribution next year; fingers crossed! Our candles range in price from $20 – $60, with specialty vessels (vintage, lead crystal, etc) starting and $25.



Look for Emily!
Look for Emily!

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  1. Any clue what happened to Emily
    and Candle Stash?

    I got addicted to the fig candle and
    have been wanting so badly to
    replace my sad, empty jar.

    Can’t seem to find the company
    ANYWHERE online.

    Did the name change? Is it worth
    checking in person on Melrose?

    Many thanks with any leads!

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