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So here it is…..after 18 months or so I’ve finally finished my Fashion Design degree program at FIDM!  I can’t believe it’s over….and now I can start moving on to doing some other things.  Here are some of my highlights from FIDM.  I learned how to create my own patterns for clothing and I learned how to alter designs to get a better fit.  It was all very challenging, but ultimately it is worth it.  The stress is something I could do without.  Being driven to do my best is sort of how I work, but I’ve done the school thing before as I already have another degree so being stressed is so yesterday.

Skirt Pattern insert
Skirt Manila Pattern
The final...a group effort to design and create a draped sample
The final…a group effort to design and create a draped sample


Something to drape just to see what would happen when playing with stripes
Something to drape just to see what would happen when playing with stripes


I love to drape.  Draping can be almost too fun sometimes and I’ve draped many times just to see how the fabric might lay or move across the dress form.   Here is one of my draping experiments…..It’s all from one long length of fabric.  Check it out….

…and then check me out to see how my fashion design progresses. So my next step is to do a bit of advanced study for a few months to strengthen/expand my design skills.  I will be writing about my advanced studies a bit in the future so look out for more information…

Coming into my own with fashion design has been a great journey and I’ve learned that it’s truly a passion for me.  I can’t wait to get into designing for a customer base.  I’ve already begun my own designs and I have them featured on this site in other locations throughout the blog and also on my Fashion Design page.  I’ve already decided that I will primarily focus on couture designs  to start creating items to meet an individuals specific requirements.  So look for these in the future.  I expect to blog more about my plans for the future over the next month or so….to hopefully create opportunities for internships or apprenticeships or even my initial client base for some of my by-request designs….so until next time….Travel Spritely!


An alternate view
An alternate view


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