The Girl Who Made My Day: Bella Cirovic

A few months ago I attended Squam and met some amazing people.  While there I took time out to take pictures and I did of a friend who I knew via online, but hadn’t really met in person before.  She was skeptic a bit about doing the pictures at first, but I was able to convince her to participate.  We had a great time.  And I caught some great pictures.  The most amazing thing was that she absolutely loved them!!  I was so happy that she loved them….and so I wanted to write about it right here…..

Bella has her own website and runs various online workshops and is an amazing photographer.   You can find her at 



I loved this particular picture.  I loved how the light captured her eyes.


The colors in the tree and in her bracelets helped to give everything a strong Earth goddess vibe.


Bella looks simply amazing.





The first thing I noticed about Bella was her eyes and so I was only too happy to try and capture images that brought out one of her greatest features (at least in my own view).   I’ve been taking pictures lately that focus on the topic of ‘Girl’ and who she is and what it means to be ‘girl’ and it captures various different moments that many women express that shows her inner heart.  Some of these pictures definitely fall in the ‘girl’ category.  I will likely try to feature one or two in the future in a gallery exhibit of my work if I get to have a show or perhaps in a stationery product of some sort……

Bella's eyes....stunning.
Bella’s eyes….stunning.

In closing I’m going to do a series of pics of Bella below so you can check them out, but I’m only too happy to have them loved by the subject.  Yay!

Enjoy and until next time…..Travel Spritely!BellaPics-37

The Tree.
Henna & The Tree.







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