The Shot That Got Me Noticed…..and Yes your Red Carpet event could be next…..


Here is the lovely Adrienne wearing my design.  I made it out of recycled rock/punk tshirts to include the tie she’s wearing around neck.  I always carry my portfolio around…you just NEVER know….and doing so got me an offer to wear one of my designs to the upcoming Grammys!  #Grammys2015 #Grammys15 #Grammys  LOL!!  Why not pump up my own good news?  I was so excited even if it doesn’t work out….it tells me my designs have “legs” and generates interest…..again…and again.  Because……this is not my first request to loan one of my designs out for a Red Carpet event….Last year one of my designs was requested for a loan for a Red Carpet Charity Event and that was too cool!


I am totally interested in developing one-of-a-kind garments for Red Carpet Events and I hope to continue to do it in the future to include filling requests for couture garments.  The great thing is that every design will be different even if the silhouette is similar mainly because I use tshirts that will have a unique theme for the design.  If you’re interested in loaning out one of my samples, please email me at   Recently I’ve only charged fees for cleaning, but there will also be a bond fee (the value of the garment; varies per the design) which will be refunded upon return of the garment.  I would love to have more opportunities for this so let’s see what happens!  I’ll keep you posted on this request.  I hope it goes through, but this is one of those times when I’m happy even to have been considered.

Until next time….Travel Spritely!  (here’s a link to my fashion page where you can see my designs)


Adrienne working my me an offer to wear it to a Red Carpet Event....
Adrienne working my design… me an offer to wear it to a Red Carpet Event….

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