This is just a little interesting guest feature I thought I’d post.  Hopefully you’ll find it amazing for layering as well as how to put together smart choices from your closet to come up with some winning outfits.  Don’t just look at the clothing, but look at how the pieces flow from the top worn to the boots.  The flow of an outfit is just as important as the pieces themselves and how well they compliment or ‘match’ each other.  Layering is a great way to work with the ‘flow’ of an outfit.  Take a look at what Jasna has written up.  I wanted to post her writeup because each outfit had a great ‘flow’ about it…..until next time.  Travel spritely!

………………Some fall layering fashion inspiration from one of our favourite bloggers  fashion fruit. ..           Posted by Jasna of Fashionjazz Share

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