Yay for Ankles! The Maroon…The Melbourne…The Journey

So….here we are taking a little look at something new and different.  I primarily design women’s wear, but I am also intending to do men’s wear in the future.  So I’ve been doing my background research.  Looking at trends, celebrities, street fashion, magazine, and thinking about what designs I’d create for men.  In the interim the only thing I do for menswear is styling which is pretty fun.  Using my imagination and doing mental fashion styling is a pastime of mine from when I was younger and out with my Mom…we would often look at store windows or clothing and put together outfits.  What do you think of that….?  She’d ask.  I loved it.  ‘Yes but with that belt…it’d be better.’  And so it went from high school on and into my adulthood.  After years of this practice it’s hard for me to not want to put an outfit together or to imagine styling various individuals….celebrities…yes….but also people walking along the street.

So I’m in Melbourne for a time and I’ve been on the lookout for inspiration and menswear is on the menu.  I’ve been imagining a lot of different outfits for men….coming up with new designs that are sometimes a rehash of classics (to be covered in another post where I can go over the things I’ve seen a bit more in detail) and others that are a bit non traditional where I wonder if they’d actually be worn.  One group that I like to imagine styling is Maroon 5.  There are many of them and they each have a different look and style.  It gives me a challenge to identify an outfit I might style for one member over another.  Some of the ideas are easy such as suits.  You can easily imagine good suits there.  Sleek lines.  Retro vibes.  Tapered legs….but what about a wide leg?  And perhaps not seen with a suit.  And I DO mean a wide leg….like those seen worn by classic rock stars in the 70s.  Hmm….something to think about.  So let’s take a look at some snaps I took at the Maroon 5 Las Vegas concert I went to the end of last year.    Below is one of my pics that I’m calling ‘The Levine’ turning it into a Gallery shot.  My camera phone totally sucks, BUT I did get some shots that I think were ok to work with and the one below is one of them.  One day it would be ideal to go in as Press to a concert and then use my professional camera….I love shooting behind the scenes….or even to do a shoot perhaps even one I styled or even in the future designed clothing for…..maybe one day.

The Levine....I will call it this I think...it's one of the few shots I could get with my phone camera.  It totally sucked.
The Levine….I will call it this I think…it’s one of the few shots I could get with my phone camera. It totally sucked.

First off before I go anywhere I’m going to apologize to Maroon 5 in that I don’t have any good pics of the entire set or other members…..the light was against.  I would love to add some here and then it’d make the visualization tour a little easier.  Oh well.  Maybe next time?  At any rate, back to my research on men’s fashion…here is Mr. Levine and Mr. Valentine (I’m totally calling them by these titles if I ever meet them)….again apologies these are the only two good images I have that I think are good for looking at what might be possible for donning them in different clothing…you gotta think about what they do…..how they do it….don’t put someone in a three-piece velveteen suit when you got 1000 watts above and dancing legs below….

A really good shot I think....
A really good shot I think….


A guitar in pink....my camera totally sucked!  But I thought....wow a pink guitar....!  I'm totally in luck at the concert since I can add this to my Pink series images...(for another post)
A guitar in pink….my camera totally sucked! But I thought….wow a pink guitar….! I’m totally in luck at the concert since I can add this to my Pink series images…(for another post)

So this is where Melbourne comes in….I’d been wondering what other styles of clothing the band members might wear.  I thought one might wear this suit….another might go more boho….and then one could go more London.  Initially it started off with styling Levine and then it extended to other members of the band and then considerations came in as to how they looked as a group because you need to consider that too.  So I was out looking around and came across the following and thought…’yes!’; too hot…too interesting…perhaps Maroon 5 would wear it….what’d you think?

Yay for ankles....let's emancipate the man and show those ankles....!
Yay for ankles….let’s emancipate the man and show those ankles….!

I saw this and thought ‘blimey’ these Aussies are chic!  Yay for ankles!!  Let’s emancipate the Man and show those ankles.  This is something you’d never see outside of high school geek culture or the 80s (think Dwayne Wayne from Different World) but let’s lose those button down shirts a la carte and dress it up with a blazer and even go wild and toss a leather jacket on it.  I can totally see them rocking this AND it’s something small.  It doesn’t take hot leather pants with cutouts to shake your world….just a flip of a pant hem and you’re already on another plane.  It’s totally hip.  It’s totally chic.  It’s totally rock.

Let’s take a close-up tour ladies & gents:

Second Look:

You really can’t beat a good idea.  What’d you say Maroon 5?  Willing to give it a go?  I’m available for freelance.

Moving on….I’ll likely be covering a lot of fashion here over the next months and I will likely continue to use Maroon 5 as a template, but who knows maybe I’ll bring in Ed Sheeran (love his lyrics crazy hot) or even Pharrell (love his style, but I can’t get with his preferred hat…the silohuette lines are not harmonious enough for me…but it’s got presence) or John Mayer (sigh)…I’d love to style him….seems he was going through a bit of a boho…paleo…stage on one of his album covers and it was so interesting and rugged….I think he could totally rock a re-envisioned James Taylor look.  Truth to tell…I’d been seeing visions of a nouveau-James Taylor revival look for Adam Levine….t-shirt….blazer…..deconstructed jeans and bare foot perhaps with foot embellishment like a toe ring….anklet or even henna.  Hmmm….too much?  or too interesting?

Thanks for the listen and your time.


….until next time….Travel Spritely.