Five Plus Smoothie….a love discovered


Five Plus Smoothie
Five Plus Smoothie

This post is about a smoothie joint in Melbourne known as Five Plus Smoothie.  They are absolutely great and I’ve been giving them my time and money lately because their smoothies are so good.  I’ve been looking for things to eat that I’m used to eating at home like smoothies and juices, etc.  and I’ve found one place that’s all smoothies and frozen smoothie/fruit pops and other items:  Five Plus Smoothie.

I love their vibe.  It’s healthy and yummy.  The environment is clean and simple.  The menu isn’t overwhelming so it’s easy to navigate and substitutions are easy enough though you may have to pay $1 extra for some items.  If you’re ever in Melbourne check them out…..and even if you’re not check them out on Instagram.

Here’s a little video about them that I put together….this is my first step into the world of video and so expect future posts to possibly include some video.  Hope you like it.  I call it Green Smoothie Love…  Music ‘Caleidoscope’ was created by Cal3rd.  Until next time….Travel Spritely.





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