It’s the little things……a sad reflection on the Melbourne Fashion Festival

I’ve returned from Australia for a time and looking back over some of the things I’ve experienced.  It’s been tough to consider because I experienced some really negative behaviors that I just didn’t expect and one of them I’d like to cover here…..

I’ve talked about one experience already in an earlier post.  This experience really bothered me because at the end I saw that it was nothing more than something petty that reared it’s ugly head.  Unfair treatment plain and simple.

It all started out with me taking pictures during a runway show at the Melbourne Fashion Festival…..I was in the audience and one of the individuals in charge, who happened to be sitting nearby, turned to me and said ‘hey….that little light on your camera keeps coming on….you need to stop taking pictures because you can’t have any lights/flashes….’ etc. because it could disrupt the show……I stopped and looked at my camera.  The little light on my camera that she referred to was not a flash and simply a pre-emptive light that came on prior to any shot; coming on/going off in a moment.  I thought….what the heck?  I used my camera all the time the runway show the prior night and no one made any comment.  However I sat with it off and stopped taking images for my blog and went into sketching until I noticed across from me other folks taking pictures with their little lights on their cameras going on/off freely.  I leaned over to the staff member and said hey….’are you going to talk to them….?  because it’s only fair….’ and she looked over and said ‘oh yeah….I should’ and then she never went over.  So after a few moments I decided to take pictures again however instead of the runway I took images of other folks taking pictures whose cameras had their little lights going on/off.  My purpose?  To point out that there were little lights everywhere and that I wasn’t sure why she picked me out of everyone else there.

I could call it a few things, but I will simply leave it as unfair treatment.

Below clearly shows someone across from me using an actual flash on their camera…..

I’m sure she noticed I had started taking pictures again.  At the end when the lights went up she actually turned to offer me a seat for the next runway show, in an hour, in the press/media area which was really a surprise for me.  I was very thankful because perhaps she could see that I was there to cover the runway show for my blog.  I’m sure I was the only indie US blogger there attending the show.  After all, press is press and exposure is exposure to a new audience.

The Melbourne Fashion Festival
The Melbourne Fashion Festival

Even here you can see another camera with a flash/little light going off…..


MFFshots (3 of 11)


…..and even here you can see another camera light going off in the audience……

So in the end what ended up happening?  I waited to find out what to do about getting into the next show as press/media.  I was told I needed to leave the runway room and register as press/media by one of the ushers.  So I left and hung around the registration desk waiting for some guidance.  I eventually asked another staff member about it and tried to explain the situation.  First of all she didn’t believe me and I showed her an image I had taken of the woman who I had spoken to and who had offered to get me a slot in the press/media area for the next show.  It turned out to be their PR Media Representative who I had chatted with via email, but hadn’t met officially face-to-face.  I was totally surprised.  The woman I was currently speaking to was another staff member and even after I showed the image and explained the situation, she simply told me ‘No’ that I wouldn’t be able to get in.  I was done.

I left the building upset and sad that someone wouldn’t listen and follow up directly with the Lead themselves even after I had explained that I had spoken to their lead person.  It led me to write a short article about negative vibes that you can perceive from people and during situations that I will post in another blog post later.  It was inspired by, but not directly based upon my situation with the staff of the runway show.

As for me, I ended up deciding to leave.  I had a ticket to the next runway show anyway on my own, but I simply decided I didn’t want to be bothered anymore.  I did go and speak prior to leaving to the PR Media Lead and said thanks for the offer….she actually happened to be standing next to the woman who had told me ‘no’ at the time.  I explained how I had tried to come to register in hopes of finding out if perhaps it was a miscommunication and the lady who told me ‘no’ simply just wasn’t aware that I had been told I could move over to this section….it turned out that the Lead simply said ‘well if she says there’s no room then…’.  I decided to say ‘thanks’ for the offer anyway and I left the event.  I was really sad that it had turned out this way.  Other than this, the shows I had seen were fabulous and really amazing.  I was sad I chose to skip attending a show I had a ticket for because of my experience.  I left hoping that in the future I would never encounter this type of situation again.

I did follow up with an email letting them know that I would post about this and I even included copies of these images so there would be no surprise.  What was my purpose in doing this?  So that everyone would be aware of what I experienced and know that I felt it was unfair.  Also I didn’t want it to be any surprises or to come off as some sort of angry poke at an otherwise wonderful event.  Maybe it might allow for dialogue or a chance to come to some sort of better understanding so that this type of thing doesn’t happen again.

…..until next time….(sigh) Travel Spritely.

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