Melbourne Fashion Festival….The Intro

….so you guys all are probably aware that I’ve been going through a bit of a study on Australian fashion….I’ve been doing interviews in the shops and on the streets looking at street fashion….and then came the Melbourne Fashion Festival.  I went to the opening night of David Jones runway and I intend to show a bit more in another post….but here’s a little bit for now….

Melbourne Fashion Festival
Melbourne Fashion Festival
Melbourne Fashion Festival
Melbourne Fashion Festival
The Opening
The Opening Runway: David Jones Show
The profile
The profile….amazing designs

…these pics are meant to be a little bit of a teaser for a longer piece on the show.  I’ll hopefully be attending a few more runway shows that will hopefully take me to fashion week in Sydney next month if things work out.  If not, maybe next time, but keep your fingers crossed.

I had the opportunity to wear my own design to the event and I was photographed.  I hunting down the image hoping it’ll show up online!  I’ll keep you posted


….until next time Travel Spritely!



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