Reinventing Myself & the Australian Brand: Sussan

My studies in Fashion Design in Melbourne are perhaps going to go through a change…I’m not quite sure as yet as I’m realizing that school may not work out and I’m still very much interested in studying Australian design.  Oh now what to do?  Well it’s come to me that I can develop my own independent study into Australian brands and designers in an attempt to self-teach myself about Australian aesthetics when it comes to the runway.  I’ve fallen in love with what I’ve seen which is what brought me here….the clean, elegant lines taken at different angles giving everything an unusually balanced asymmetric design.  I love it.

I decided to perhaps take some of my ideas to continue my studies out into the streets and shops to chat to designers and store owners to see what I could learn about the designs I’ve seen.  I want to share what my eyes have seen to point out what makes Australian designs ‘hot’ in my books and encourage you to give their designs and designers a try if you’re ever in the neighborhood or if you’re ever shopping online.

Australian Brand: Sussan
Australian Brand: Sussan

Today’s feature will be on Sussan an Australian brand that carries women’s fashion.  Their designs are very interesting and I wanted to check out what they had….I discovered one item that I have decided is a likely to be a basic staple in their design closet:  the Gilet.

I’ve seen these gilets on women and in stores almost everywhere in various textures, but most frequency in some sort of knit or fleece.  I find them very ‘boho’ chic and I decided this would be the place to start.  What are basic staples of a women’s wardrobe in Australia?  Might these translate into staples in the women’s wardrobe in the US?  I think so, but what exactly is a ‘gilet’?  According to Wikipedia… A gilet is a sleeveless jacket resembling a waistcoat or blouse.[1] Currently, a gilet is a sleeveless jacket or vest. They may be waist- to knee-length, and are typically straight-sided rather than fitted. However, historically, they were fitted and embroidered.[2] In a further derivation, in 19th-century dressmaking a gilet was a dress bodice shaped like a man’s waistcoat.[3] 

Thanks Wiki.  I’ve not seen these items frequently in the US.  The only place I can think of that might have them in this style is perhaps somewhere in the Southwest region of the US.  Think Santa Fe.

I think I will likely by one.  It’s simply too stunning and beautiful.  Consider the one I’ve seen and you’ll likely agree.

Lily....Store Associate who allowed me to photograph their 'gilet' for my blog....Thanks!
Lily….Store Associate who allowed me to photograph their ‘gilet’ for my blog….Thanks!

Ok so I spent some time trying to get some pictures after getting permission and was assisted by Lily and another store associate, Morgan, who modeled the gilet I found to be too amazing.  I was too excited!  Lily describes Sussan as ‘fresh, stylish and geared towards the forever 30 woman’ who is always classic in her style.


The gilet & Morgan....she was so great taking time to model for me....
The gilet & Morgan….she was so great taking time to model for me….
The side view of the gilet it can see it has great drape and can compliment any shape
The side view of the gilet it amazing…you can see it has great drape and can compliment any shape
A great piece for any has legs for more than one season depending on if/how you layer...
A great piece for any wardrobe…it has legs for more than one season depending on if/how you layer…

This piece runs retails for $109AUS (Australian dollars).

I totally love this piece and may actually get this one for my own wardrobe.  I hope you can see the beautiful lines in this garment and maybe you’ll check out the website.  If you do maybe you’ll come to see how this design is a great basic for a wardrobe if you’re looking for something new to give your closet some ‘umphf’.

Thanks Sussan for your support!  I hope to see you again soon…

…until next time…Travel Spritely!