The Flow of Style: A Primer

I’ve been talking about a concept I’ve developed that I’m calling ‘The Flow of Style’.  It’s basically a term that deals with how someone approaches styling.  It’s taking a different way of putting together an outfit.  Something doesn’t simply ‘go together’ simply because it matches or coordinates or fits.  It’s taking a look not at the pieces but the whole and taking into consideration the fabrics and textures of the individual pieces as they make up the entire ensemble.  It’s basically like taking in a painting and looking at if your eye flows harmoniously across the entire ensemble including the individual.  As a result it can be subjective to some degree, but the best way to look at it is as if you were looking at a Van Gogh or a Rembrandt.  Does your eyes flow seamlessly across the entire look?  Or do you get some staccato moments?  Do you have an alternate ‘melody’ of flow that takes your eye from one end and then travels it backwards towards a stopping point of consideration?  This is all very musically inclined, BUT it is The Flow of Style.  Look at the image below for example.


Chloe Fall/Winter 2015 Runway Checker Duster -  EXPAND Chloé Photo: Marcus Tondo /
Chloe Fall/Winter 2015 Runway Checker Duster –
Photo: Marcus Tondo /

This fabulous duster is by Chloe and I fell in love with it the moment I saw it, but after looking at it for some time my eyes always stopped a bit short for some reason.  Then they would start over again and then pause again making me take in the entire outfit.  It went together.  It looked good…..but what was it?  I evaded me until I noticed the cuffs on the shirt at the end of the sleeves.  That’s when I realized that the checkers went on a bit too long in a way and needed to be ‘finalized’ in a way.  And that’s when I realized that it sort of needed a ‘grounding’ a wide banded hem of solid black would be perfect for the duster.  I think giving it a better ‘flow’ than what it currently has.  It sort of runs into the vibe one might see when you look at ‘matchy matchy’, but I think that is because of the length of the duster.

It’s an amazing coat but in my mind I think it requires a bit more work on the inside outfit to make the flow a bit easier.  The tie is exceptional, but the bottom….maybe in red….a peachy blush?  Or perhaps shorter length of pant?  Hmmm….your thoughts?

Until next time.  Travel Spritely.

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