The Streets of Melbourne…a journey into cool fashion

I went walking out today to do something a little bit different….take a closer look at street fashion on the streets of Melbourne to take a break away from my concerns about school and my developing plan to go to Australia Fashion Week next month in Sydney.  I’d already noticed that many folks knew just how to dress….from classic, to alternative, to sophisticated and I’d become more and more drawn to the people who stalked the pavement daily on their way for lunch, work, or to shop….maybe even to head to school.  There was just a feast for my eyes and I was becoming more and more inspired.

The city of Melbourne and the people she sees.....
The city of Melbourne and the people she sees…..

I was running into a bit of a brick wall with my plans to participate in the study abroad program at RMIT and wondered how could I still look into Australian designs as they were so very beautiful, clean, and smart.  I thought perhaps just getting out onto the streets and into the shops and talking to people might teach me something I hadn’t expected to learn.  I’m still waiting for for inspiration to hit, but I feel I’m onto something.  I may still be able to learn more about Australian design yet.

Central Downtown
Central Downtown

I started out just photographing people as they passed me by….


…outfits too hip


A girl and her skateboard...too hip
A girl and her skateboard…too hip

….style too chic….


thestreets (3 of 7)


…dressed to impress…..

Too cool....and put together...simple
Too cool….and put together…simple

….too cool for school….

AMAZING style here....too rock and roll?  No...just plain hot.
AMAZING style here….too rock and roll? No…just plain hot.

….hottie fashion…..


I saw him and thought...this is the hottie of the day....amazing style and cool to chat to.  Not many were open to talking....I was SO glad to find someone of a kindred mind...and closet.  lol
I saw him and thought…this is the hottie of the day….amazing style and cool to chat to. Not many were open to talking….I was SO glad to find someone of a kindred mind…and closet. lol

Special thanks to everyone who let me take photographs of them.  It was awesome.


….until next time….Travel Spritely.

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