All Hail the Queen: The Arrival of Queen Mab

I’ve been working on some of my shots for #MBFWA and specifically my images taken from designer Betty Tran’s runway show.  I loved photographing her models and I’ll do a separate post to focus on her show later.  What I want to focus on is some of the Gallery Pics I developed and one of them is a series I’m working on called Queen Mab who is a queen of Faery.  She is known in many circles as being a fiery and dramatic.  She is mentioned in Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet and it is believed that her origins may go back further.

To me this is Queen Mab….compassionate, beautiful, and considerate.  This image immediately began to speak to me as I developed it taking on the impressions of Queen Mab of Faery.  These images will be available for sale and if interested, please let me know.  I see these images as large wall hangings and will be limited editions.  I also have some stills I’m developing into a short film and I’ll post this once I get it together.  If you’re into Faery I think you’ll find the image interesting.  If you’re into the fashion you’ll love it.  Betty Tran’s designs are simply Divine and so is Faery.

QueenMab (1 of 3)


I see these images as Queen Mab having an audience with visitors to Faery with her lovely crown of Faery Lights shining bright above her head.  It is said when one views a Faery, one sees their light which shines bright from within.

QueenMab (3 of 3)

….I hope you like it.  #alwaystrending #bettytran

…until next time….Travel Spritely.

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