The Girl in the Bunny Ears & The Boy in the Black Bow Tie

It was perhaps the first day at MBFWA and I didn’t know a soul.  But something interesting caught my eye and it was The Girl in the Bunny Ears and The Boy in the Black Bow Tie.  I didn’t know them at all, but what can you do when you see style in action?  You go over and you introduce yourself.  I think they may’ve been with their own manager or agent, but it didn’t matter….I went over and introduced myself anyway.  I gave them one of my backup cards (cringe)….it’s what I had readily available at the top of my bag….but later I gave them one of my better cards that showcases one of my designs (either photography, hat, or gown, etc.).

The Girl in the Bunny Ears
The Girl in the Bunny Ears

……The Girl in the Bunny Ears aka Cissy Zhang

This is not intended to be a commentary on style….but I will mention I had a chance to meet her and she was dressed in white.  I loved the oversized bow on her shoulder.  It was too beautiful.  I really loved her whole look even with the ears.  I thought how cool she’s wearing ears.  I had no idea that this was part of brand.

….The Boy in the Black Bow Tie

....The Boy in the Black Bow Tie
….The Boy in the Black Bow Tie


The truth is that seeing this suit was an answer to a prayer….I had seen a pair of shorts that were done in short of jacquard and I wondered how a men’s pant might look in a floral brocade/jacquard and would they rock?  Would they be masculine?  The answer is yes.  These amazing pants looked totally amazing….and could be rocked as separates with the right t-shirt.  I love the ankle length and the pencil pant leg.



I really loved meeting them.  I hope to see them again and perhaps keep in contact.  You never know how things might work out….until next time Travel Spritely.

The Playboy
The Playboy :  PS This is one of my Gallery Pics of Warren that I took.  I call it ‘The Playboy’ and not because he gave me the vibe of being a playboy, but because of the rabbit ears.  His silhouette reminds me a bit of ‘JFK Jr.’ which was another vibe I got out of it, but either way….I like it a lot.  It’s not something I thought would come out, but there it was….I may sell a few of these in a limited run….like out of five as a gallery print…we’ll see.  At any rate I hope u like it.

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  1. Thanks so much for the compliment. I’m so glad that you like the post. I loved your style. It was too chic and hot.

  2. Thanks so much for featuring us on your blog! That is so nice of you. You have a wonderful blog with a great personal voice to it. Great meeting you! And will see you around most likely.

    xx The Girl in the Bunny Ears

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