Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia: Kate Sylvester

The lovely show that was Kate Sylvester’s.  Her garments were smart, savvy, and timely.  They spoke volumes to the feminine:  warrior, beautiful to behold, intelligent, and divine.

There was an element of the warrior as seen through the leather ‘padded’ shoulder not unlike those that might be seen on a samurai warrior armor or football player.  Everything was simply lovely but with an edge that was clear and concise.


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KateSylvester (216 of 241)I was struck by the sleek editing of the show…..second….what got my eye initially was the drape and flow of many of the designs.  Elegant.  Simple.  Beautiful.


The way the fabric flowed was so enchanting that I spent most of my clicks of the shutter capturing the flutter of the textiles as they moved along the runway.  Not many think about the flow of the fabric except the designers and those who often do draping are usually the first candidates (over those who might work primarily with the cutting of patterns).  However it is the flutter and shimmy of textiles that speak volumes on the street.

The flow of the fabric tells you if it’s flirty, sophisticated, smart, sexy, etc.  This comes from the weight of the fabric and how the garment moves due to the human body and the environment.  Most garments are going to be seen in a still room so the runway is a great place to get the vibe or keywords of the garment and how it might speak for you.  How fabric moves is just as important as the cut of the garment and the seams.  It all contributes to the ‘mood’ of the garment or ‘look’.

Kate’s garments had great lines and flow which let the looks speak volumes as they went down the runway.  It was a great show.

…until next time….Travel Spritely!

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