Through the Looking Glass (Projected Trend): Vintage Vogue Finds…..LGD

In some of my prior posts I’ve mentioned what I think might be future trends and also current trends that are on the move (meaning they’ve started in one place and are moving a bit like wildfire through a forest).  I’ve done it enough to decide that I’m going to feature it and bring a certain level of emphasis to it by calling it ‘Through the Looking Glass’.  This means it is a trend projection (mini forecast) using my own insights based on what I’ve seen in past trends and other ways that come down to my own intuition and gut feel.  It’s something I feel could emerge and has a high likelihood of coming forward either in massive appeal or even in ‘small boutique trends’, a reference not meaning the stores in which the trend might appear, but literally that the trend itself might have an appeal to a select group (that I’m coining a ’boutique’ group).  ‘Boutique Groups’ are not necessarily driven by mass appeal and you will find their trends moving consistently either against the grain or leading a new trend because sometimes the larger massive group trends can become stymied and hence forecasters look to these smaller interest groups to gather inspiration from to revitalize or act as a catalyst for the larger mass trends that are seen more easily and readily in the public.

I bought some vintage Vogues awhile ago from a little boutique in Santa Monica on Main that is now unfortunately closed….they were having a going out of business sale and they specialized in things all Paris….little laces….and yarns….all vintage….and ribbons…and dresses….crystal glasses….and hat boxes.  It was a small shop and divine.  I ran there with my meager funds to purchase something fantabulous for myself…..and possibly see if I might be able to get any more cool vintage ribbons, etc. as I’m a fan of such notions for designing…

…..I came across a pile of vintage Vogue magazines going back to the 1950’s and took the time to go through and purchase a few…’s what I discovered:  There was a period where the fashion industry saw more than just the Little Black Dress (LBD)….now this isn’t necessarily a big deal because everyone has heard of the Little Black Dress….the Little Red Dress….however have you heard of the Little Green Dress?  Well during the mid 1950s-1960s there was such a thing and it was big….but it has since fallen away….leaving the focus to remain on the classic LBD with some special cameos from the Little Red…..I should think that a resurgence of the Little Green will make for an interesting comeback of the Art Nouveau with a singular emphasis on that imperial green that was so popular during that time….LGDs in hues of Art Nouveau is how you can imbue the LBD into the LGD giving it that umphf that is sometimes missing in the color green when you go evening….

Below is an image of a beautiful green dress perhaps not so little but could still fall into the LGD category designed by the amazing Kate Sylvester and seen at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Sydney Australia 2015.

The stunning Kate Sylvester
The stunning Kate Sylvester

….and her equally stunning Little Green Dress……

The Little Green Dress....the return of a classic
The Little Green Dress….the return of a classic


…so my first official look Through the Looking Glass… Alice….until next time….travel Spritely.

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