Structure-ism: The Lovely Designs of Alice McCall

Fun.  Flirty.  Darling.  Yes, these are words to describe Alice McCall an Australian designer whose line I was introduced to for the first time at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Sydney Australia a month or so ago.  However I would also add ‘complex simplicity’ and ‘effortless structure’ to describe her work.  It’s truly unique and so very intriguing.  I’ve found myself studying the lines for some time and at the end of her runway show I was totally overwhelmed by the amount of sheer creativity that was revealed in the designs.  Her designs are daring and take risks that other designers might not take because I think she dances on the outskirts of the box…the box that most might design in.  She breaks the cartesian plane and goes into polar coordinates (for those who are math savvy) with ease such that it makes me use references to cartesian and polar coordinate systems.

The amazing structural approach to design of Alice McCall
The amazing structural approach to design of Alice McCall her ideas....
….love her ideas….

One thing I noted about Alice McCall’s website is that she has a love for the playsuit.  If you’re ever in the need for one you’ll never be in lack for innovative designs as you’ve seen in the ones identified above….but now let’s do a look at some of her other playsuit designs….aMAZing work… them!

Playsuit heaven....
Playsuit heaven….
Love darling...
Love this….to darling…
Crazy love of playsuits.....just amazing...
Crazy love of playsuits…..just amazing…
Here's another one...
Here’s another one…

Her separates are slammin’ too….but take a look at the structure of them….they have such a soft structure that pushes away from the body that remains very feminine

Check this one out!
Check this one out!








This design is one that took my breath away for it’s structure.  It reminds me of a tulip….it’s very much wearable art in that it conveys a sense of something more than just a garment.  This is where I really believed in this structure-ism or struturism (my coining) of her work.  The construction is amazing in that it allows for the garment to retain it’s shape.  I thought it was a bit of a ‘trick’….perhaps just how she walked, but I saw it again….and realized ‘no her designs simply are very feminine and structured in a very soft way’.

Amazing Structure!!

….here is her design again……

Another one great for structure!
Cute design...
Cute design…
....Love this
….Love this




I thought her runway show was overwhelming with creativity.  There was so much to see and I don’t even have all of her designs here that she showcased.  If you want to see more of her work, please take a peek at her website here.

….until next time….Travel Spritely!

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