The Drippy Drip…a Daisy Duke Alert

Everyone knows that the Daisy Duke is back.  Everyone (maybe) knows that the latest trend is to have the pocket inserts showing and hanging down the front.  The image below shows Catherine Bach as Daisy Duke from the hit TV show, Dukes of Hazzard.  I used to watch this show and I totally loved it.  Image taken from If you notice, Ms. Bach’s shorts don’t have the pocket inserts hanging down in the front.  The trend then was to cut out the pocket inserts or cut them down and hem them so that they couldn’t be seen or not cut the shorts too short in the front so that the inserts couldn’t be seen.

Catherine Bach sporting the Daisy Dukes without pocket inserts showing….

….the current trend can be seen in this stunning image taken from  This image taken from example of the latest trend in Daisy Dukes....pocket inserts visible
…an example of the latest trend in Daisy Dukes….pocket inserts visible

I absolutely LOVE seeing the pocket inserts showing.  It’s great.  I think this trend is definitely a keeper.  Does it have the legs to go further?  I think only a little bit as most of the possible extensions of this trend are already unfolding in the denim world…and that is the distressing which is already being seen in the full denim jeans (many from which the Dukes are made).  So you’ll see Dukes with ‘paint splatters’ distressing….or the ‘shredding’ distressing….and then the various other type of distressing….the only trend that may take the Duke to the next level is patchworking…..if any patchworking techniques are employed then you’ll see another evolution of the short.  This would be great as patchworking is totally in….though not necessarily in big ways in the mainstream denim market.

So what is the ‘drippy drip’?  It’s a phrase I’ve coined to describe the dark side of the Daisy Duke revival.  And this is the side that I’m going to address next because as women….you need to know just exactly what you ARE doing in the Daisy Dukes.  Now I’m not talking about skinny and fat….I’m talking simply about booty cheeks and their connective tissues when your Dukes are NOT cut right and no one wants to see your inner self from this perspective.  That means even though they are shortie short….keep it tasteful….

Now if you don’t care if someone sees your insides….read on anyway….You might gain some insight.  The ‘drippy drip’ is a lack of Daisy Duke integrity in relationship to the booty cheeks.  Usually the ‘drippy drip’ to me (see image below) is not good, but theoretically there can be a good ‘drippy’ if the length of the Duke (denim) is cut in relationship to the curvature of the person’s derriere.  This means know your body shape.  What does it (your booty) look like in the back?  Be honest and kind.  This isn’t about weight it’s about shape.  There’s a Daisy Duke or cutoff short for you.  If you want to learn more about Daisy Dukes for your body type take a look at the article written on Denim Cutoff Article.  You can see that the cut of the denim short is just not great for her body type.  I think she misjudged the cut of the short.  The hem doesn’t really compliment her butt so that her booty cheeks instead of looking ‘cute’ or ‘sassy’ come across as looking a bit sloppy.  The ‘drippy drip’ then becomes a bit sightly in a bad way.

Don’t be a drippy drip victim….someone will be watching, but it won’t be me…unless it is a dire emergency where I’m called to action to write up a small article like this to bring attention to the problem….when writing this article I couldn’t believe the amount of imagery available online of unsightly Daisy Dukes.  Don’t let it be you.  Be sightly.  Be Spritely.  Be Daisy not Maisy.  Until next time…Travel Spritely.

The 'Drippy Drip'...not the best thing ever...
The ‘Drippy Drip’…not the best thing ever…


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