Trend Analysis: 2017 ‘Year of the Man’

I’ve been thinking about doing something more tangible with my ideas on trend analysis.  So I’ve decided to start my first one.  It’s for 2017.  My gut is telling it’s going to be ‘The Year of the Man’.  It’s a bit late to be truthful to project for 2017 as runways are already showing 2016.  However it’s where I’m going to jump in.  I want to see how it goes for me.  It’s going to be my own effort based on my own observations of the world and my own intuitions.

I’m still debating on the format, but I will likely post some of my thoughts and then also put my results into print in an interesting way.

So what is the ‘Year of the Man’?

Well…for 2017 it’s about women and the trend of dressing in menswear and in mens styled clothing.  To me it’s more than a message of ‘power’ for women with boxy jackets and shoulder pads.  It’s about slick and swerve.  It’s about swag.  How does she do it?  This girl in the modern times wearing a more masculine look?  What is she saying about herself?  What is she saying about what she observes in her world?  These are the things I will be exploring in my trend analysis.  I hope to find something amazing in the final results that will perhaps go out into the world and inspire designers….and inspire stylists as well as buyers.  BUT more importantly I want to inspire the Girl.  In some of my earlier blog posts I’ve been exploring the world of ‘Girl’.  Who is she?  How do women with responsibilities retain their ‘Girl’?  She’s the one that got them where they are today, but often she gets dumped and trampled in the journey until all that’s left is Career Woman, Mom, Wife, Daughter, Boss, Editor, Journalist, Model.

The Year of the Man (copyright is on and the initial steps have already been taken.  The signs are already there….my mood and vision boards will show this and I will likely also do some other interesting things to include as part of the analysis and projections.  Is this going to be like other trend analysis that might be out there?  No.  Not in my mind mainly because of what I’ve seen that makes me feel that what I’m doing is going to be a different approach with different findings.  It might also be completely different from what might already be out in books and that’s ok….because this is my gut.

The output will be interesting and it’s still a bit TBD.  I will update as I work on it and it should definitely be out in some form of book format.  If you have any questions, please let me know.  Until next time….travel Spritely!


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