Los Angeles Style Week: Quynh Paris


Something new.  Something different.  Something girlie.  That’s what I saw as I watched Quynh Paris’ designs come down the runway.  They were varying and the style was very 50’s chic with a reinterpretation of hemlines and structure that was refreshing and so cutting edge.  I couldn’t believe how nice and daring some of the designs were….they were very feminine.  I loved them.  The color palette was beyond yummy and the ‘flow of design’ was very pleasing allowing the eye to drift and move across the garment in a beautiful way.  It allowed you to take in the design and see how it moved.  It was not static at all.  I must admit there was an eclectic mix meaning that it wasn’t especially cohesive, but that’s not a bad thing at all.  Sometimes it’s important to think of things in a new way….her cohesiveness was not in the styles necessarily though there were groupings, but in vein of ‘cutting edge’ there was a strong arc of consistency.  Cohesiveness here was found in her approach to design.  There was nothing that was not cutting edge and that made her runway so much more very interesting.  My eyes were not bored at all.  I was drawn in and intrigues all at the same time.  I think you’ll find her designs to be in a similar way.  Here are some of my favorites….

These styles reminded me a lot of the flight uniforms of the old Pan Am days….way cool.  They carried a nice 50’s vibe.  I loved the play on the lapels and the waists.  They were new and were very strong focal points of the garments.

Take a look at those colors!  Amazing.

These dresses were very nice.  I loved the play on the hems and the asymmetry.  It reminded me in a good way of BCBG Maxzaria which is known for their play on hemlines and textures.

This one I found to be very daring.  But look at the design.  It’s very cutting edge.  It’s after-5 and evening all at the same time, but it has a very strong ‘suiting’ foundation in the design….

The drape and cut gave many of her designs a strong ‘twirl’ component that made the designs very ‘girlie’.  I loved it, but especially the brown and pink outfit.  The combination of the styling and the designs were very fashion forward.  It was something of a delicious sight to see.

QParis-28However there was these dresses that were very unusual in their fabric choice and combinations.  The designs were just amazing.  Fabrics I might not choose myself to use were included and I found it very inspirational and educational as a designer letting me see how fabrics might be used and behave if incorporated properly….and they were….the proportion was amazing and the level of interest her fabrics brought to the designs was high.  They were playful, feminine, and conversation pieces….there are a couple more that I am going to highlight in a separate post…..they were just that unique.

I wonder though on the snag factor….otherwise it’s too divine to sit on a shelf or hang in a closet.  Take the risk.

It was a great show.  I love her work.  Until next time….travel Spritely!







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