What I’ve Been Doing….a visit to Sherle Wagner

Ugh!  the stress of evolving….!  I’ve been busy doing a lot of things related to my site and business….working on my artwork (mixed media collage), expanding into fashion trend analysis (forecasting), and developing ideas for how my designs can be seen in the market (considering stationery, my own fashion designs, furniture, surfboards, etc.) and then looking at my current ventures designing a tunic called The Guinevere.  The Guinevere is almost done and so now I’m turning my gaze back to my blog…where have I been?  Looking at Beauty.  It is always important to stay inspired and open to new ideas.  I can’t wait to get into the processing of all the items I’ve discovered and along the way I came across Sherle Wagner a wonderful shop that focuses on bath and kitchenware.  I wandered in and saw the most amazing displays that I couldn’t stop looking at.  Doorknobs are doorknobs, but in this store doorknobs were art and magnetically charged with interest and color.  I couldn’t stop looking.SherleW-9

I ended up taking quite a few images while I was there for inspiration.  Looking at the doorknobs in particular was very inspirational and made me look at how color and function can enhance a space or how might even be seen in other areas such as fashion.  If you are in need of something unique or even looking for a place to ignite your ideas for renovating your home….then take a visit.  You find only statement pieces, items that set the tone and mood.  SherleW-2

The detailing is amazing.  And there is a certain amount of ‘class’ to each piece, but really they are items that can be used in any type of bathroom….even the casual.  Why match?

Why not set the room for ‘stun’ and only have one fixture such as a faucet handle as a statement piece?  The rest in a brushed pewter or nickel or even a burnished silver?  I think this is a way out of a rut.  Why not buy a la carte and say farewell to boring and the standard.  Imagine walking into a bathroom and having only the hot water handle in a handle such as one shown below?

SherleW-6Are you stuck on what to do with the other handle?  Do a similar treatment for the shower/bath and mix it up!  You’ll find that your bathroom will become more interesting always drawing  your eye and even stimulating your memory with a handle that stands alone and out at each station.  It’s something to consider.  I admit seeing the faucet sets as a whole can be intimidating and seen to possibly overwhelm, but not necessarily so….give it another look and then put a spin on it….you’ll see how even something grand can fit any style and any type of kitchen or bathroom space.

Hope you like the visit.  It’s totally worth a gander.  Take a look at some of the other items I saw to get a vibe of the store….until next time travel Spritely!





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