Comikaze 2015!

This weekend was Comikaze 2015 in downtown Los Angeles.  It was my first time attending and it was very interesting.  I’ve been a long time collector of comic books and it has been awhile since I’ve been around them, but not too long ago.  I’ve been a long time attendee of the San Diego Comic Con since 1996 and then recently Anaheim’s Wonder Con which is always too cool.  As a fan I’ve attended cons wherever I could if possible having even attended a comic book convention in London while in the UK.  It was too much fun seeing the BBC’s Merlin panel as the show was still in high gear then.  Now attending Comikaze was a different experience as I went as Press.  I’ve come up!  lol and as a result of my new career in photography and fashion have moved into the elite groups of those who get to see the inside scoops.  Press and Media and Industry is the PLACE to be….with being an Exhibitor running in along as primo as well.  One day.

Attending as Press I’m there in a new way, but for an age-old interest….costumes!  How good are they?  I’ve always been into costuming with Storm being one of my favorite female characters from the Xmen since college, but prior to that my initial interests in costuming began when I was younger with the lovely Firestar!  Quality was a concern even then at the mere age of 12 or so.  How to make the costume look realistic and fit right…it’s still something I wonder about even now….30 some-odd years later.  So going to the Comikaze I went to write about fashion as the costumes were too nice!  The quality was really high coming from fans of the works of different artists.  It was so different from years ago when I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing some of the costumes just because I’m too much of a costume accuracy snob.  I want to SEE that character there and I want the  exact costume….that’s how I was back then and of course it was unrealistic.  If you weren’t with the film industry you couldn’t ever achieve really high quality costumes, but not anymore.  Today the fabrics and materials available are plenty and very high quality.  From Steampunk to Gaming to traditional comic book characters you really have a good chance of showing a great costume.  Here are some of my favorites!
















Bettlejuice!  Loved it….so cool, but it was mainly her style that I loved.



Her costume was amazing and very technical.  I wondered if it was bulky…so many pieces.  How to keep track, but gaming costumes are very elaborate.  That’s a die-hard fan there just because of the amount of time and materials needed.























Loved this retro StormTrooper in red.  He was beyond hot and too amazing.  There are no words he’s simply an experience that needs to be had….you gotta see him up front.


















I’m a long time Spidey fan and when I saw this guy with his other Spideys and their costumes I thought whoa!

He made them all himself and his costumes were too amazing.  too well done…..yummy!  Buy them when they’re available…the fit was superb and the designs interesting.






















Her style was too posh for the show.  The color palette was phenomenal.  This one catches her with her eyes closed, but I have others that capture her with them open.  I thought her style was impeccable.  You can’t beat that hair color!














LOVED HER!  A long time fan of Jem and the Holograms….tons of stories there…may do a post if I can find my prom pics.  lol
























Sugar Ladies are very much in and on trend…and not just because of the season.  Very interesting.  I don’t know much about them, but they are always beautifully rendered in art and costume.



































Love this group!  More to come from their pics.  Too cool for school!


I loved this look.  It was too well put together.  I thought maybe Cruella (is that her name?) from the Little Mermaid, but I could be wrong.  Either way the costume was delish!























Too cute!  I never had this cool as a kid when it came for costumes!


























LOVED his look!  Too retro.  He is a writer/creator of a western comic.  I got a copy and will be checking it out.  More to come from his pics and his writing.  I loved the artwork.




















My first and only Faery Queen that I met.   I loved her costume.  She was also part of a duo and I don’t have a pic of her counterpart here.  I thought another character I saw was Faery, but I wasn’t sure.  She certainly looked the part though.  You’ll see her in another post.




















I NEVER turn down a good op for street fashion….and she looked amazing in her outfit.  It was very urban and on trend.
























Too cute!  Loads of gender reversals here at the Con.  She is Cyclops and like the other pic above with the X-characters…you see Phoenix is a guy and Gambit is a girl….the costumes are amazing.  She looked awesome.  The fits for all costumes were really amazing considering they were made by the fans.































Loved this little number.  I didn’t know her character, but the costume was cute.


that’s all for now….until next time Travel Spritely!




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