The Afrolicious Natural Hair Show: A Good Way to Spend a Sunday…..


I wanted to do another blog post on the Afrolicious hair show…..I wanted to show more of the show and some of the pictures I took.  I took pictures of the show which had a variety of items available for sale.  There were tons of opportunities to see amazing hair which I only saw too much of….






and there were more…..too many for my camera…


I did some artwork from one of her images…..


I think it’d be great on a t-shirt!







My little heart went out to this little one who came up to me specifically to ask if I would take her picture.  She was too cute.  I took a picture of her family who was there along with her mom whose hair was also fab (see above).  Love you little lady.

There were bodycare products like the ones seen below.




even books were available…..and I spotted this too hot hand bags….THESE bags are it!!  They were embroidered/tapestry bags and so they should last quite a long time.  Check out Shades of Color and you’ll find interesting stationery and other items like magnets, the BAGS, music, etc.




Shea Moisture working it!  I LOVE their stuff.  I have only too much.  You can find much of their products at Target, but even still I found products from them I hadn’t seen yet.  They’re always coming out with something new.



Jewelry was available…..her own designs.  They were stunningly beautiful.  I didn’t get a chance to buy though…too much happening elsewhere.  I spotted some handpainted earrings.  They were too hot.  I think items like these are going to be a good trend in the future.  They’re custom and people are always on the lookout for something that no one else will have…..I think items like these will be very sought after in the future….




Other exhibitors I found interesting…..





The show also had a stage where they presented various topics such as discussions on health, fitness, even a pageant took place….



This was my first hair show to cover, and I’m glad I did.  It opened my eyes to what you might find there and going will prepare me for future shows.  You know…..I have a Twitter account called Tanglegate and I’m not able to keep up with it.  I started it because I was having problems with maintaining my own hair and wanted to talk about it.  I think maybe in the future I might try to bring it back in…..getting tangles is a part of everyone’s life at some point and here is how it looked for me about a year ago….


who knows maybe I’ll get a booth.  Tanglegate was not a catalyst for developing hair products.  It was a catalyst for women to talk about their bad hair days and look back and say whoa!  This hair day I change my ways….and now will look to take better care of my hair.  I wanted to have it become a photo opportunity so that women could submit their pics of their bad hair days…turning it from something of frustration into something empowering.  Natural hair is a beautiful thing, but it is not an easy thing.  You’ve gotta work to get the locks I show at the beginning of this post.  And this was one reason why I went to the show.  I need help still and I love talking to women to see how they’re keeping their hair.  What products work?  Why?  What regimes work?  Why?  Do you love your hair still?  Even when it acts up?  Maybe I’ll take Tanglegate with me on the road when I go to the next show….and share the photos that come out of it.

…Afrolicious was too much interesting and a fun way to spend a Sunday.  There was enough there to get someone started on the good foot.  I wish I could’ve stayed longer.  I needed to get with the ladies more…that’s how you learn….that’s how you grow.

…until next time Travel Spritely!

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  1. The expo also featured a pageant for young girls who are natural. This was Ray’s second year incorporating the pageant and she says that it has become the most popular aspect. Many of the panelists spoke on how as little girls they always felt like the hair that grew out of their hair was different and that they needed to change it to look like the girls on television. Ray started the pageant for the young girls with natural hair to connect with each other and to also show them that they should be confident and proud that their hair is different.

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