Primrose Organics Salon: Lacking in Courage …too scared to do Black Hair

OK. I had an experience and it was too awful and I wanted to get my hair done and colored. I’d tried a few salons. I’m interested in the ombre coloring that on trend mainly because it captures my mood and my inner self. It’s a bit like a tattoo for your hair. Now I’m a ‘black girl’ and it really shouldn’t make a difference at all. Anyone should be able to color your hair. Hair is hair at a certain point. Black, white, red, brown…..straight and curly….and wavey…..and natural…and chemical. I’m afraid that many salons have an inherent segregation policy that shows up upon entrance. Can they do your hair? Straight and white is usually implied or inferred either can be erroneously assumed….however I am a paying customer and I’ve already given them notice:

I am black.
I have natural hair.

Can you do it? I asked in advance. This would be my second visit there. I went the first time to get colored and it was done. I needed to use an organic hair coloring system and Simply Organic Hair Color System seemed to be the best for me. I asked for black currant below and it was more eggplant which isn’t what I originally envisioned, but I was happy with it none-the-less.

Simply Organic's Lucious Black Currant Hair Color
Simply Organic’s Lucious Black Currant Hair Color

So I’m on a mission to color my hair again. And I wanted an ombre color in the shades of platinum blonde, blue, lavender, and pink. I originally wanted just a pink…pastel….and maybe a blonde…not a platinum white Adam Ant platinum…..but maybe I was wrong??

Simply Organic's Icy Platinum Hair Color
Simply Organic’s Icy Platinum Hair Color
Simply Organic's Lucious Winter Storm Hair Color
Simply Organic’s Lucious Winter Storm Hair Color
Simply Organic's Translucent Amethyst Hair Color
Simply Organic’s Translucent Amethyst Hair Color
New Silver Hair Color Trends
New Silver Hair Color Trends

I wanted my hair colored in some form but with the above colors…..starting with a platinum and then cascading into a pink pastel, lilac, and then blue (true blue, but I’d be ok with a grey blue) as highlights. I went to Primrose again and ended up with a different stylist who was very hesitant to attempt to do my hair. I explained my situation and I also informed her I had been there previously and had my hair colored, but in the end she just wouldn’t do it. I was very saddened by it because it came across as having to deal with my hair being natural. We went back and forth over the job and in the end I just didn’t want to have it done there at all. Having one’s hair done for color should be ok anywhere after a consultation. The reason you should be turned away shouldn’t have anything to do with the type of hair you have. I asked her if she had done black hair previously and I got the impression she hadn’t. Hair is hair. As long as a sample patch is done the rest shouldn’t matter. In the end I wouldn’t recommend going there. It was sad as Primrose Salon is one of the few salons I’ve found that has an organic coloring system.

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