Sundance NEXTFEST Coverage 12-14 Aug 2016



What’s next?  Sundance NEXTFEST 16 hopefully!  I’ve been wanting to expand my involvement in covering the red carpets into film premieres and screenings.  This will be my opportunity to do so if I receive media credentials.  I’ve submitted my application and I’m waiting a response.  In the interim I wanted to do a quick post about it.

I can’t wait for the chance to see the red carpets and also see the films.  It’s a chance to see and speak to cast members and find out more perhaps about wardrobing departments.  There’s also a chance to see musicians who might be showing during the festival.  I hope to cover this festival and do other ones in the future like perhaps a science fiction film festival like one seen at San Diego Comic Con or some other convention.

Here’s hoping.   Until next time travel Spritely!2016-06-28 NIGHT BEFORE NEXT Vanguard Award news release FINAL2(1)_Page_1

2016-06-28 NIGHT BEFORE NEXT Vanguard Award news release FINAL2(1)_Page_22016-06-28 NIGHT BEFORE NEXT Vanguard Award news release FINAL2(1)_Page_3

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