YouTube Channel TV Show Appearance: ‘Allergy Actress Cooking’

I had the good fortune of being a guest on ‘Allergy Actress Cooking’, a YouTube TV show produced by Mary Beth Eversole.  I was able to showcase a recipe that I created called Brown Rice Pasta with Nectarines.  It’s part of my cooking technique of cooking using color therapy.

YouTube Channel Allergy Actress Cooking



The recipe is great and I loved creating it.


2 cups brown rice pasta

1 tsp. cardamon

2 tsp. nutmeg

1 Tbspn honey vinegar

1 white onion chopped and diced

2 tsp. basalmic vinegar

1 white nectarine sliced

Option:  I added fresh basil to this one because I had too much in the frig that needed to be used up.  Simply add basil at the beginning with onion when cooking.

The Approach:

Salt the Pan (sprinkle salt on the pan 2 Tsp)
Oil the Pan (olive oil drizzle ‘S’ over salt (zigzag)
Sprinkle some nutmeg on

Heat up pan

Add diced onion (all) and begin to cook after a few minutes add remaining nutmeg
Add cardamon after a few minutes of letting the onion and nutmeg meet and greet and come together for flavor union
Cook more for more flavor union
Then add (vanilla ghee) or olive oil spread 1/2 Tbspn (if desired)
Add sauce
Add slices of nectarine (1 nectarine)
Add splash of basalmic vinegar and after a few moments a splash of the honey vinegar
Put cooked pasta into bowl and then pour sauce over pasta (enough to coat not drown)
Put a slice or two of nectarine on top for presentation
You can check it out here!

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