And She Saw Stars Gets An Update!

I decided to do an update to my website to showcase the mood I’m in now….I have a lot of things going on having just returned from my first MAGIC! visit in Las Vegas.  It was right on the heels of attending the Sundance Film Festival in Las Vegas which was too hot.  I have tons to write about.  I’m totally behind, but which writer isn’t behind.  There’s always too much to capture.  I have tons to share so I hope to get right on it.

First, MAGIC! was amazing.  I saw too many colors and too many hot shops.  MAGIC! is where the designers go to sell their designs to show to the ‘buyers’ that come from the boutiques.  You can find their latest looks for the upcoming seasons and you can also find manufacturers there for those of us who are looking to make our garments; taking them from patterns to designs for the racks.  That’s why I went.  I also went as Press/Media as is my want….to double dip.  Why not?  I do both.  So I covered some brands such as Hudson….they were too nice to spend time to talk to me.  I learned a little about their brand and a lot about their designs.  It’s the people for them.  They make their designs too hot.  They’re ok on the rack…not a diss, but they didn’t ‘sing’ like some designs do.  It’s not until you listen to the people who are donning their designs that you ‘hear’ the brand.  It’s the heart of Hudson, but it’s often true of denim brands…they are the people behind the garments.  Other designers…well it’s in the hands….and when the people touch the fabric you can ‘hear’ it on the racks.  Denim is all machines and people and threads….and dye.


Andia Bayandor (Marketing Manager) with Hudson
Andia Bayandor (Marketing Manager) with Hudson

More on Hudson in another post.

I’ve spent the past week in a haze of road travel and delinquent hands-on for my own stuff.  I have L.A. Fashion Week coming up for Christ’s sake!  I’ve been praying for more help to getting me to design but I’ve got to keep going.  I’ve gotten a bid for my own cooking show through BidChat and I’m working with my producer to design the first few episodes….going to farmer’s markets and talking to farmers to see if they’ll let me interview them, etc.  I’ve got to get a camera guy to handle the shots and filming so I can talk and then there’s sound.  I’m going to hit up my group, The Table and see if they can help.  I totally need it and they’re great for crew and writers and actors and other ‘Hollywood’ type stuff that you need.  And then there’s the Cons coming up….I missed San Diego Comic Con….I’m very salty about it, but I do have OryCon coming up and I’m slated to be on panel talking costume and comic book mythos if all goes well.  Can a meeting with Neil Gaiman not be too far behind….?  Hmmm……

….and speaking of publications and writing, I’ve been published again in iMirage Magazine and it’s been great…Anika Smith was featured in this latest issue IDOL.

I’m also working on my writing…short stories…and speaking of shorts…take a look at my prior post talking about Sundance Film Festival.  GOAT was a feature film, but there was a series of shorts that were shown that were too good.  My favorite was ‘The Procedure’.  It was brilliant for color, cinematography, editing, and style.  It was horrific in its content.  It had too much suspense, but man! once you made it out….and this is a literal advisement…you were only too glad you came.  See that film.  Find that site….here.






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