Sundance Film Festival Fashion (Red Carpet and Street)


I’ve been away traveling and now I’m back and catching up on my writing….I attended the Sundance Film Festival about a week or so ago and I saw great films, but I also saw great style.  I’d like to showcase the street style that I came across while attending the festival.  I’m going to tell you that the new styles from Dolce & Gabbana were seen, but also the retro look was in….Rosie the Riveter/a.k.a. 50’s styles are back in such as Vargas.  More to come on 2017 ‘It Girls’ in another post.  This image is part of my trend analysis for Year of the Man which is 2017.  The ‘It Girls’ are coming from a diverse field…you have the plastique girls of the ’50s:  these are your stepford wives…women who are keeping up appearances up front, but are really not handling it in the back (behind the scenes at home) and folks like your pin-up girls.  At the same time you have your power women and these are your modern pin-ups and modern ideals.  Handling it in the front and in back.  Sharon Stone is the ‘It’ girl.  She’s in control and in power.  These women are the inheritors of Rosie the Riveter:  women who live in a man’s world.  Now on to the street style:

Hair is in. I saw too many girls with amazing hair....
Hair is in. I saw too many girls with amazing hair….



…and then there were the ‘tatts’….Tattoos are really in and in abundance…too hot for words.  I saw the most amazing ‘sleeves’ and patchwork story tattoos on calves and forearms and arms/legs, etc.


This one is one mere example of the amazing stuff I saw.  Look how elaborate tattoos are…this is on trend for 2017…complexity in tattoo stories, but also for content.  It shows that tattoo artists and shops are reaching new heights in artistry and apprenticeships.  I could write an entire page about this tattoo.  I saw this as a map of London and the spirals above as perhaps a reference to Copernicus and even crop circles.



On trend for 2017 is Janet Jackson revival…for those of you who were there….the one key in the ear is back….little odd trinkets and earrings are in for 2018 and 2019.  As usual a Janet Jackson-ism is pushing the trends for women and men.  Men are wearing earrings now and so they’re included here…and if doing something odd and one quirky bit in one ear…maybe an unusual plug or something else will be 2017 Year of the Man…and then 2018 Year of Color.  I loved this little padlock earring she had.  She wore a pair, and it’s still in there even though she wore a pair…but it’s the reference to the key that really brings it in….you get it right?  Padlock….key….?  lol.  I’ll talk a little more about it later, but following your favorite ‘idol’ for style will be in for 2018.  So like back in the day….everyone wearing Adidas, Culture Club, Madonna, etc.


From the Red Carpet, Calvin Reeder of the short film ‘The Procedure’…he looked amazing…loved this denim wash.  It’s in for this year and 2017.


SundanceStyle-81 SundanceStyle-80

This also from the Red Carpet was Nate Corddry (‘Too Legit’ short film)

Nate’s look is dead-on hot.  It was hot outside and his look was hotter.  I thought he looked amazing from the suit and the detailing (stitching along the collar).  The shirt was too fresh with its motif and the fabric maybe linen, but it was too difficult to tell from my vantage and I didn’t want to ask for a touch.  I’m a designer, they probably wouldn’t get it.  The shoes were too nice:  Italian likely (no bias), leather, etc. but the ombre coloring at the tip of the shoe AND lilac/blue lacing?  I KNOW that can’t have come with the shoe.  This man is a fashionister…..he’s one to watch.  I loved his look.

Jim Cummings Director of Thunder Road also sporting a smashing suit...
Jim Cummings Director of Thunder Road also sporting a smashing suit…

SundanceStyle-76 SundanceStyle-75 SundanceStyle-77

Rob Hugel from Affections was also pushing the trends.  His style is coming up in 2018 The Year of Color.  The tie, the quirky odd watch (which is totally in now…check out your Chilli Bean and Swatchwatch stores…they’re really cranking it out with edgy designs) and you can’t go wrong with your classic white gym shoe.  I loved his color palette and that tie was to die for.  Everyone was very cooling on the red carpet with their style and color choices with the exception of one…and that was Andrew Laurich (‘A Reasonable Request’ short film Director).  I LOVED this film!  His color palette though muted was actually very hot and warming due to the graphics of the tee and the denim which is a lighter wash.  This is obscure only the deep fashion colorists of Pantone might be able to see this….anyway I loved his look it was refreshing and engaging.

SundanceStyle-65  SundanceStyle-64


John Ennis from A Reasonable Request donning hot leather shoes
John Ennis from A Reasonable Request donning hot leather shoes


Embroidery details are in.  This look is very darling and too cute!  It’s perfect.  I didn’t get her name, but I wanted to be sure to let her know that she was very stylish….a cute fashionista!


This look is beguiling and stunning.  I couldn’t tell if it was a short or simply a dress/skirt.  It had a great look and made the legs look amazing and I loved her hair.  This look is great!

SundanceStyle-16 SundanceStyle-15

This is a bit of my ‘art from the red carpet’: images that I work to bring out more artistic vibes and colors.  I loved this look!  Her jacket is too retro and very much in.  It reminded me of Atari, but it’s a different brand.  Her handbag, though not totally captured in the image, was totally cool it was a bit of a bowling bag in shape though small.  It was very trendy and Nerd Chic in my own words (Geek Chic).

SundanceStyle-38  SundanceStyle-33 SundanceStyle-53

Sunflower Bean, an alternative group, out of NY on the red carpet sporting their look which was chic.  I loved the shoes on everyone and the hair was too amazing!  Top-notch for their stylists.  I loved Julia’s shoes and sheers…..speaking of which….seams are in and she had them.  Embellished sheers are in of course, but seams are in, it’s the 50’s nod.  They came across vintage.

On to the art of them….  SundanceStyle-48


Back to the street style:

Florals were in….inspired botanicals and French-inspired prints (Dolce & Gabanna as seen below in the fore)


SundanceStyle-59 SundanceStyle-13

Banded striping is in….color blocking….the looks below are amazing for color and are ‘heralds of fashion’ meaning for future trends….2018 is Year of the Color.  Horizontal and vertical striping used together and in opposition is in see blue/white stripes below in second image.  Waves and zig zags are in as well.



Trends-402 SundanceStyle-92

These looks are really trendy right now and very feminine.


Shoes are really in.  Not just your shoes that are designer, but your worn in shoes that you can’t give up…your tattered and torn….your retro/throwback, your vintage, your known and unknown, and self-created shoes (Converse is really big for all of these types of shoes).  Also your hand-me-down shoes and boots are in.  These are for the roads most traveled and those that walk them…

So bring me your shoes, your tired canvases, your laces….your hand-me-down sandals and your tailored-made creations and you will be on point.  It’s not about the dollar here… about the foot and how you don it.

ON to the Fashionista Alerts for Street Style:


This little number is too hot and so is her stance….cool, chic, collected and on point…She’s here for fashion and style.  It’s a great LXD (Little-Insert your color-Dress).  I’m going to say every girl should have a LXD AND a LBD.  The colors up for X are green, purple, and red.


Another Fashionista Alert for Street Style:  Kuzuko Golden


I saw her style due to the textiles.  Textiles are important and motifs are in.  They are very hot along with the fabrics (fibers, etc.).  This little number is LBD beyond.  Another staple for every girl…something fun and something Spring for every season….it may not be this dress, but it may be something else another look that has a whiff of Spring.  Check out her site

Fashionista/Fashionister Street Style Alert:  Words and saying what you feel….these are in along with statements of personal views.  You’ll see them everywhere on little blackboards outside cafes and on the sidewalks.  Here are the ‘heralds for word’:





These are some more looks and moments from the red carpet….


Director/Screenwriter: Andrew Neel for the film ‘Goat’ on the red carpet.  His casual look was effortless, the film was not….it’s too edgy for words and difficult to get through because of the tension.  I highly recommend it.  It had great moments and starred: Nick Jonas, Ben Schnetzer, and James Franco.  See my post on the film here:


I loved ‘Annie’ a karaoke video shown prior to ‘White Girl’.  It was stylish and retro in it’s color and cinematography.  I thought it was awesome.  It was like nothing I’d seen before and was a welcome surprise.  Find Neon Indian here.

You can also find more here:

I love these images of him on the red carpet.  It’s totally his aesthetic when you check out his work.  Very retro.  Very classic and very avant-garde.  His work is in your face and cutting and everywhere.  It’s too fun and too much in your head for you to notice.  I loved his work.  He was a dream to watch.  I can’t explain it.  You have to see it for yourself.

SundanceStyle-8 SundanceStyle-9

I loved Alan’s shirt.  It was very nuevo.  Below is another individual on the red carpet that I loved.  Her look was very chic, but sophisticated and uncomplicated.  I loved it.  She was part of the festival, but unfortunately I didn’t get her name and her project she was involved with or supported.  I wanted to show her images here and say I loved working with them.  They produced the most amazing B&W due to the settings I used when taking the shots.  Same goes for Alan.  These images were almost a mess up, but for me I love working the tones/contrasts to reveal a great image anyway.


I hope she finds the shots and likes them.



Well this is it for this round.  I might have another post for Sundance even though it’s late sometimes the late bird catches the worm anyway.  Until next time….travel spritely!












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