The Sundance Film Festival…’s on!

Today is my first day at the Sundance Film Festival taking place at the Ace Hotel in DTLA (that’s downtown los angeles for those that may not know). It’s a great location and it’s great to see DTLA getting more press and more exposure.

The Sundance Film Festival has started off to a great start with the kickoff of the Night Before Next Event that took place a couple of nights ago on 11 Aug. I wasn’t able to attend as the list to get in is very short. I would’ve loved to attend, but unfortunately it didn’t work out.

Sundance started off for me with a bit of a slow start. I showed up late to a free public event focusing on location and filming in Los Angeles. It was great to see free public talks available on film as I’m very much interested in developing my own short films in the future for telling story. I found it to be interesting though I would’ve loved to hear more but maybe from a different panel. They were from one of the films and it was more about their movie in particular and not necessarily film location in general. I didn’t get to listen to the whole thing because of it. I wanted something a little more different, but it was well attended so that says something.


I’ll keep you posted on my time with Sundance and hopefully things will get better. Until next time….travel Spritely!

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