2017 Year of the Man Trend Analysis Update

I’m nearly done with my 2017 Year of the Man trend analysis.  This is my first attempt at creating a trend analysis that is for the fashion and art industries.  It was very difficult because the process is labor intensive.  The research is extensive, but the interpretation is the real work.  The interesting and fun thing about my analysis is that it is also mixed media artwork.  The originals are available for purchase as bound ephemera or leaflets.  I’ve always been interested in book binding and the creation of handmade books.  I’ve done my own creation of handmade books via workshops, read articles on the topic and restored decaying heirlooms with a professional bookbinder.  The work is totally worthwhile.  A trend analysis book that is also mixed media artwork on its own as either single pages or leaflets is new.  I don’t believe I’ve seen anyone else with this type of work and I think I might be the first.  I hope it goes over well and I get much reviews, but also a lot of interest in the work such that people are using it to inspire their designs, plan their next season’s work, develop the markets such that we produce items to go into the production lines of various industries.

If you’re interested in the work you can get copies digitally via email at andshesawstars@gmail.com.  You can also get it online for viewing and download on a password protected page.  Passwords can be obtained via email, but are for your use only.  Once the page is up, I’ll add another update here.  In the meantime, email me and I can give you what I have digitally.  2017 Year of the Man analysis is free, subsequent years will be $150 each and available in April each year until I stop doing the work.  The originals and prints can be made available for purchase as artwork.  Contact me for details.  For example, this page is available for purchase, it is a little ‘flipbook’.  The leaflet at the right end opens up to reveal the image below.  Prices start at $80 and go up on all originals.  The page below would be available for $85 unframed.  It is not laminated.

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