FashionNXT in Portland Oregon 5-8 Oct 2016

I am showcasing this F/W in two shows…..the first is FashionNXT in Portland Oregon.  It’s 5-8 October.  I’ve been back and forth on the theme.  What to do?  And I’ve been sick lately and sleepy?  Who’s sleepy out there?  Well it’s been rough.  I’m very intuitive and things sometimes don’t go right when your intuition is out.  What do you follow?  God is speaking to you in your own way and here it is…the intuition is out and my typing is whack.  I write alone with God in my mind and this post will likely be my most ‘theo’ ‘logical’ one to date.  I’m very spiritual and when you have to be on point to design then it’s difficult to be out.  When I’m out….it’s bad and I find that my designs aren’t working in the way that I want.  So I’ve been praying and I’m still designing.  Things have been trying to take me down…and I turn around all the time into something that I call my art.  And She Saw Stars is my brand and expect something pondering…’s meant to be a sighting of Faery….a ‘trooping’ of Faery in the world.  What would you do if you saw Faery for yourself with your own eyes?  I’d be very much too happy to see myself.  That’s what you’ll see I hope in my show.  I don’t want to give too much away….but here’s a bit of my art to give you a hint…..

If you’re interested in purchasing a copy of my artwork…contact me at

'Faery Girl'
‘Faery Girl’


Finally I’m inserting here an old ad that I ran awhile ago in Fae Magazine in the UK.  I do intuitive readings and I cover many topics and they are primarily Faery inspired, but I also work with the Archangels; they are my main guides along with King Oberon who is a Faery King.  I work with Sprite and Pixie guides as well.  I work with oracle cards, artwork, and runes.  Prices are listed on my page here, but prices start at $75.00 and I will also do readings for those overseas, but I’ll limit it right now to the UK.  In the future I’ll look at the EU and further.  I’ll post updates as necessary.

Travel Spritely.

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