The Spitfire Girl….a unique boutique on Melrose

I went out doing photography the other day around L.A. and found tons of great graffiti and art….but I also found the shop The Spitfire Girl and I went inside.  I’d been wondering about this shop for a few days and it turned out to be the best discovery I’d had in a the past couple of weeks.  I was drawn by the window.  It was great.


Inside it comes off quickly as a curio store which for me is great.  I love ephemeral and other things like found objects and art.  Here you can find stationery, cool gifts, artwork, and loads of items you’d never think to find.  Like wooden post cards, little cute tarot decks, hand-painted trays, the list is really extensive.  It’s well worth the visit.

You can find many items for Christmas if you’re shopping and you can find many items that are difficult to find.  Many of them are magical and inventive.  Like the Wild Unknown Tarot….I own this deck and the artwork is dynamite.  I totally recommend it.  You can find wooden postcards that are vintage inspired and also items like penknives that are unusual.  It was like visiting a museum gift shop in a way….I’m going to be totally honest and say it’s difficult to describe the store other than to say it’s fabulous!  When you go in you need to glance around and meander through the store.  You’ll be lead very intuitively to what you need.  From the artwork on the walls you’ll find inspiration to move outside of your comfort zone and open up to new items like the penknife I mentioned.  I’m totally not into penknives or having a little Swiss Army like knife in my pocket, but I’d totally buy the one I saw.  I thought that was cool.


This book corner was totally hot and cool.  You can’t go wrong with covers like this.  I loved the one with Jack Nichols on it.  It was so retro and very hip.  A must have item.  Then Paparazzi totally grabbed my eye with that red drunken cover.  It was a cool haze that reminded me of photography dark rooms.


I was totally into these trays…..One was in the store window out front.  I’m looking to maybe get the hummingbird one….or the small one next to it with the girl.  I’ve seen this artist before maybe….but I’m not sure.  I love the color.  It’s very vibrant.


The prices were cool.  I thought open to every price point….someone could buy something novel and unique.  I plan to go back likely before the holidays to get more cool stuff for me.  I love finding the latest items and there were many things there on trend now and also pushing the envelope of trends.  These trays are an example.  I’d put them in as something projected for my 2018 Year of Color.  I think this is where you can find the most innovative designs.  Check them out if you can.

Until next time.  Travel Spritely.

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