The Truth About Psychic Is….

I am an engineer.

and an artist.

When I do my work….when I’m out doing my photography I see.  I have ‘the sight’.  It’s a gift.  I am Faery.  This gift though has been with me awhile long before I knew I was Faery.  It’s what has brought me to my current love affair of fashion, photography, design, and writing.  Having the sight doesn’t make one psychic it’s merely a gift…..but every so often everyone re-ups and one’s gift gets a boost.  This is when people think you are ‘becoming psychic’…..this is silly.  It’s just an expansion of one natural gift.

The truth about being psychic is this….the people suck.  When you are intuitive you can ‘hear’…the people.  What does that mean?  Telepathy?  Not necessarily.  Sometimes the people are too loud.  In their heads and in their energies.  Sometimes people feel that this is normal.  I find that it is not.  All people are psychic, but not necessarily intuitive.  That would require people to be in their hearts and most of the time people are stuck in their heads.

What is on trend is being psychic and kind.

What is on trend is being open and aware.

What is on trend is not being an asshole.

What is also on trend (and this may come across as harsh) is minding your own fucking business…..especially when you are intuitive and psychic.  There is etiquette after all.  Not everyone wants to be bothered by the ‘psychic’ and the unaware.  Lack of appreciation of one’s natural gift is very uncool.  Lack of respect for other human beings and animals in this regard is also tacky.

The world evolves all the time and produces much, but people evolution does not always prove to be a worthwhile endeavor without the heart involved.

No one likes…..

and everyone has 2 cents.

What to do when you encounter a messed up person that’s psychic……?  Say ‘ditto’.  It works every time.

Travel Spritely.



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