The New Year 2017 and Year of the Man (Fashion Trend Analysis)

It’s the New Year and we are in 2017 which is Year of the Man.  This dubbing is my own….based on my own trend analysis for the year looking at fashion and interior design.  However I must say that the trend analysis extends into other realms such as themes we might see in the world or themes we might see moving in communities.  It will always translate into trends we will see in fashion with styles leaning towards Year of the Man themes…..but we will also see how this year sets up for the next year which is dubbed ‘Year of Color’ which is 2018.  We can already see seeds of Year of the Color being placed within 2017 and even 2016.  When these seeds are seen this early I call it ‘heralding’ meaning the heralding of trends in advance of when we will see tangible and solid evidence of the trend which will usually be shortly before the year the trend is expected to show up.  Sometimes unexpected trends that appear can also be a short spurt of a trend that will not be seen again.  These types of spurts are also seedlings that can act as catalysts for new trends to unfurl that might have been on hold or can inspire new trends and can also push the future trends projected to make their appearance in the industry and on the racks.

Last year I did a short post talking a bit about my 2017 Year of the Man.  It was mainly to introduce that I can do fashion trend analysis, but also that my analysis will be available for free for the initial year 2017.  The following years will be at a rate of $150.00 per copy.  The way I do the creation of the trend analysis is very different from traditional forms of trend analysis.  I don’t really get into budgets or values associated with trend analysis what I do talk a lot about is themes and styles…..This is a sample of what’s available in the full version of the 2017 Year of the Man Trend Analysis Report….so let’s get into it:

2017 Year of the Man Opening Book Cover

This is the opening cover of my 2017 Year of the Man Trend Analysis.  It started very simply as this: a mixed media artwork portfolio featuring the topics and themes I found popping up everywhere heralding the year of 2017.  Morgan Freeman is the ‘It’ Man.  He came out very strongly as someone who is a mentor a theme we will see in 2017 as Year of the Man is about what men are doing and what they’ve done in prior years to come forward and present their findings and hopes to the world.  Men have been doing lots of work surrounding gender, masculine, race, and presence in the world.  You can find it through themes in the world such as improvements in male grooming, efforts to define the masculine and open up the lines of where masculinity begins and ends through efforts for civil rights such as equality for gay/lesbian/transgender.  We’ve also seen the masculine push forward agendas to heal the earth and to advance studies on the earth in an effort to bring in new technologies and new methodologies of sustaining life on earth.  This is the masculine coming forward embodying the feminine in a new way where there is peace of self and a new acceptance of where men are within.  Calm, collected, and not so bothered by negativities faced by men in the past.  Certainty and a new groundedness has been found and men are more comfortable in their skins.  So what does this mean for fashion?  New designs and reinterpretations of lines that allow more feminine ‘takes’ on style and design to enter.  We will see more androgynous designs and even styling where the masculine is wearing more garments that might be seen as feminine.

Jaden Smith’s ad for Louis Vuitton 2016.

A good example, but certainly not the only example is Jaden Smith a young designer and ‘face’ for Louis Vuitton’s 2016 campaign featuring him wearing Louis Vuitton latest trends that were very edgy and hip, but also androgynous, if you want to call it that.  I would say he was styled very hot, but he received rave reviews for wearing a ‘skirt’ or more commonly considered a kilt.  The article link is below and more can likely be found around his thoughts on the matter on the internet if you searched.  The main walk away point is that we can see men buying more for style and preference and expression of self with less concern about gender issues such as ‘do I look gay?’ for those who might have a bias against being associated as ‘unmasculine’ which a prejudice associated with homophobia.  Hopefully such biases will vanish and we won’t have to deal with dummy comments such as these.  What Year of the Man is about is not worrying about what others think and simply going out and choosing fashion for what it might do to express one’s confidence, certainty, love of style, and preference for design, etc.  And so hence we have Morgan Freeman and Jaden Smith as ‘It’ Men for 2017 Year of the Man as icons for style and examples of those who are ok in their skins and bodies.

Additional trend analysis details are available in the 2017 Year of the Man Trend Analysis Report.  Please contact to request a free copy.






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