The Grammys: Live from the Streets of L.A.

I went to the Grammys this year and it was too much….mainly because I wasn’t able to register for the credentials in time.  I decided to go anyway so that I could see if I get in on credentials that might be available for walk ups on the day that might ‘rush the door’ so to speak.  I figured sometimes other events I’ve covered will sometimes take last minute shows on the day if you bring your card and the reason why you are attending.  Normally it’s easy to make it up to the table where Press or Media is to find out what’s what or what’s possible, but for this show/event it was not.  You  literally had to go searching for the right location and this is mainly because there were 2 shows…..a pre-show…..and then the actual show later that evening….which I knew about from my research on the event, BUT didn’t expect to really make that much of a difference when it came to showing up on the day to walk up and check and see if there was ANY possibility to get in to see just red carpets.  I was only interested in that portion of the show.  This is what set me up for the day of beating the pavements to find ‘The Table for Press Registration’.

It was a rough day and I found it to be very tiresome.  It was too much fun for fashion though.  I saw too many trends and many surprises for men and women’s fashion.  The circle skirt is in.  You can see many of the highlights from my pre-show walking around that showcases many designs and styles that I found to be the latest.

I found this to be too stunning with this style.  It was beyond the bees knees!  It was very eye catching.  It became something to look forward to from others.  What level of style would people bring?  Celebrity or no….does it matter?  A-list, B-list?  who cares?  Does anyone get into that anymore?  I don’t think so.  I went there and found it to be very aloof.  I didn’t really care for it.  It’s an awards and not the white house.  I think people should be more approachable and they were to a certain point, but they weren’t very friendly to those looking for help….like myself.  It became a security game.  And that’s sad.  I’m not there to do anything, but find the latest designs and see the people and hear what they have to say.  I wondered if I was still onto something.  I love fashion.  And it’s my dream to cover red carpets and events.  I love doing photography, but had I already peaked and found that doing red carpets wasn’t for me and that doing or covering the awards was no longer a bonus?  I became a bit overwhelmed by the lack of friendliness, but I stuck with it.  I sort of kept to myself and kept my eyes opened.  It was a learning experience after all and the fashion was worth it.  I even saw a few celebrities, but to be honest I was there more for the clothes.  When celebrity is people it’s worth it and I did find Michael Keaton and his brood to be very much ‘people’ which was cool.  They were so cool I almost passed them by, but if not for the dress I wouldn’t have even caught their passing…I’m not into OMG there’s Keaton!  I’m into OMG his tux is cool or in this OMG that the swing dress that’s the latest design…..see below…It was Rachel Bartov’s dress that caught my eye she is married to Michael Keaton’s son also shown in the image.

Let’s take a look at the designs worn…I thought the dress was too much and it’s maternity…which I didn’t even notice.  I caught later when I saw her tummy a bit….it was too cute.  I only saw that she has the latest cut in a dress and ruffle….the diag…..the bias…’s amazing.  It’s refreshing and you get too much style from a side profile.  Looking the gents…I always go for shoes first….that’s because sometimes the tux can be…well a tux….BUT in the most recent years or so…they’ve been redesigned and up’d….you have checks and diagonals….and you have a cut that it very flattering to the male physic….the ‘skinny’ pant leg is in.  I thought they looked amazing…and they took the time for the shot.  Take a gander and the remaining shots below.

Here is the shot to remember….Michael Keaton is wearing the latest velvet loafer…..and it’s really cool.  I’ve seen others that are not ‘hitting it’.  You know what I mean….Don’t swag when they leave!  That’s how cool they were….Love ya!

Women wore the most stunning of gowns…very flattering to the figure, BUT the latest that caught my eye was the daring backs and the cowls….and cowling….either around the back or the front….The 50’s/60’s are in with the Jackie-O in the fore…and you’re getting great cowling around the neck that very typical from that time, but is refreshing for now.  Look at this gown’s back!  Whooza!!  Very starlet!  I’m going to be honest this dress is very Marilyn Monroe!

Another attendee sporting the velvet loafer, but perhaps even a penny loafer?  I can’t really tell, but these were great…and no socks…a good look to balance the formality of the tux.  He looked great.

Gotta love this circle skirt… was dreamy and I wondered where it came from.

The latest look in slacks is the layered look and black jumper.  I love it!  It’s very disco chic.  It has very sleek lines and great flow.  Fabrics I’ve seen this in is jersey, garbadine and rayon….look for these fabrics to get a great line and flow when you walk.  It has great shape.

Great styles and lines from the gents and ladies standing in line to get inside for the Grammys.  I saw too much hot street style.

The best look for graphic design and color is below.  You can’t beat this dress/gown!  It had all the key points you look for in a gown… might even be vintage.  Color.  Flow.  Style.  Timelessness.  Interest.  It did too much for the environment from just walking down the street.  It was glorious!

It could be Emilio Pucci.  It could be vintage Yves Saint Laurent.  It could be vintage who knows the name of the designer.  It’s too cool.  It could even be BCBG.  I wondered.  She looked great.  I couldn’t stop looking at it.

I loved this look in black with her hair cut from the girl to the left!  It was too hot.  What’s in is her look and too hot was the stockings and boots!  I thought it was great….and of course the hair.  Amazing!  I loved all three girls…..the color of the black/red dress, very Russian inspired….I’ve been seeing a small trend in fashion that’s inspired by either Spanish or even Russian heritage embroidery.  Too cool and too early to say where it might lead fashion, but I love that’s it out.  It’s like the skirt at the beginning with the embroidery of the Madonna….too cool.

I love her dress!  Not much more to say, but I’m looking for other shades of red….the tomato red is out that I saw awhile ago as a heralded color while I was in Sydney.  It’s still classic, but I’m hoping for deeper shades like camelias, etc.

I loved these looks above in black and the little girl below was too cute!  Just being ‘girl’.  Loved her look.  Her mom looked great as well!

Though they look untouchable…..I thought their looks were great.  I loved the green skirt.  Floor length is in.

More great looks below.

Another feature still in is the slit to the hip level.  Very daring, but too chic.  Many very tastefully done.  I think we’ve mastered it.  No need to worry ladies for being daring.  The hip is still in to feature along with the back for body areas…..I also think the neck is in and arms.  Toes are coming in along with heels and I know it sounds funny, but ankles.  Models will know what I mean by the toe and heel.

The latest in men’s wear is the jacket….designed and embroidered.  I saw too many that were too hot.  It was the surprise style piece for men!  Also the plaid suit as spied through the window below.   It’s very popular.

I did another photograph of something spectacular through the glass window and it’s another circle skirt that was too amazing to describe.  I love the print and the color was phenomenal.  I wish I could’ve seen it up close.

These are just some of the fashion I spied while at the Grammys.  It was a fun time and a lot of work.  I’ll be writing another piece about the difficulties I had, BUT it will still include fashion.  See you next time.  Travel Spritely!





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