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I’m witch!

OK peeps this is the result of months of deep down soul searching.  I knew I was a witch ages ago when I was little it was something of a gift and an interest, but I was black and baptist and so it was short lived and put under wraps and became the battle of my life because it was a reconciliation of self and of love.  My parents weren’t strict in the way that you must pray, etc., BUT my mom in particular became overly concerned if she saw too much books even though they were sci-fi/fantasy on magic and witchcraft.  She didn’t mind, she just wanted me to be aware that at a certain they weren’t ok.  So to the back burner and also the closet it went.  Oracle cards were out.  Psychics were out.  But so were anything dealing with spells, etc. though I wasn’t really that interested that much in that until the age of 12 when Spidey and his Amazing Friends came on.  That story is for legend and Christ.  lol.  At any rate I will tell the tale of my story in detail maybe later, but I will hit the highlights that at the age of 25 I finally stopped and said out loud in the middle of night in the driver’s seat of my car that I was a witch!  It had to be done.  I didn’t know why.  It was simply denying myself that I couldn’t do anymore and I’d already left the house so now my rules were the rules of law.

Many years have passed and I’m back to my magic and my discovery of self.  It has once again brought me to the statement ‘I’m a witch!’ and I’m happy with it.  The struggle with religion is over and I can be ok being myself and happy with the beliefs I have as they are my own and have been tested and still fit where ok, but much has dropped so I can breathe and have a living relationship with Spirit.  I am doing readings as a oracle and I work with angels and faery and also the ascended masters, but really it’s just angels and faery.  If you take a look at my intuitive page you’ll see the updates and samples readings.  I’ll put one here.  I’m still doing fashion design and photography, but this is something I can do as a freelance and still allow myself to express these parts of me in my life.  You can see more here….Intuitive Page:


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