The Registration Table at the 2017 Grammys

I went to the Grammys to do freelance photography of the red carpets.  I didn’t get to register in time.  I missed the deadline, but often many events will take a walk-up and give out credentials on the day.  You can usually find out at the registration desk.  I decided to give it a try.  I spent most of the day going around to various rooms and places to find out if registration could be done on the day.  It turned out that there were two issues.  One is that on the day there was a pre-show and then the main show.  That means there were two locations and also two red carpets…..and two registration tables.  I wasn’t able to get the right one in time….I think.  I was never sure.  At any rate here’s the tale.  This is what I faced.

The walk from one location to another place where they had the gates to get to the location in question.  The West Hall in Concourse in the Convention Center.  Prior to going I had the opportunity of seeing the pre-show arrivals.  This is one I’ve covered before, but I wanted to put her here again….I saw her gown and it was too beautiful and pretty.  I thought she looked amazing.  She was no where near the red carpet….I wasn’t sure of her name, but I hoped to see her again on the red carpet.  I wondered if she was heading there….was she a new starlet?  A producer or even a designer?

Moving on.  See below.  I look pissed off here for a reason.  I was determined to get to the Convention Center at least to try.  There’s always ego.  I wanted was to ask anyway to see if I could get in to the red carpet even though I missed the registration deadline, but to even ask to ask was a chore and a battle.  Everyone had something to lose.  Face.  Reputation.  Plans.  The usual.  This is my game face.  It’s too much family.  Less dad.  Less cousin and less mom.

Here’s a little video about the situation…..

When you show up you can barely get by to find the place to register or to check for the possibility of getting last minute press credentials.  I highly recommend that the Grammys and even other awards shows have a small reserve of last minute press/media credentials for those that can show up.  Perhaps consider a lottery of registrants who send in their information for these last minute slots.  You never know who’s been given the job of writing something novel or interesting about the Grammys.  You could be missing out on the opportunity of a lifetime.  Think about it.  I’d love to see this taken up for 2017/2018 year.  Hear me administrators of the various guild awards…..let us in, the small press and then never regret it again.

I got to the red carpet on the way.  Here’s what I saw…..




These are the sights and they were spectacular.  The garments were very tailored and very chic for the event.  I thought very fashion forward, but also very daring and edgy.  Pushing the boundaries of what is defined.  That’s what Grammys fashion is about on the red carpet.  It’s time to redefine and express yourself.  It was amazing.  And the biggest moment was catching the girl from before and seeing her here on the red carpet.

This was the most amazing sight to see her having arrived on the red carpet.  Many of them I thought were simply amazing.  I had a great time at the red carpet, but my time there was not long.  I didn’t have the press credentials and the registration table I was told was closed by this time.  I would have to leave and try to come back.  There was another registration table, but that was for the evening event.  This red carpet was prior to the pre-show event.  There wouldn’t be another one prior to the evening event.  In the end I simply wasn’t able to find a registration table where I could walk up and get in on the day unfortunately.  I was sad, but at least I’d made it.  Was it enough for small press?  In the end I think it was….I was glad that I tried to get into the Grammys.  I was able to see some trends and I was able to see some celebrities.  I was also able to talk to some folks and see how the Grammys was laid out, but in the end I wasn’t able to get ‘will call’ press credentials.  Hopefully next time I’ll be able to get in.  Travel Spritely!




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